The Graphics concentration of study allows you to gain hands-on experience and skills in visual communication and digital imagery using a number of visual mechanics techniques and software applications.

 As a student of the Graphics concentration, you will master the core concepts, terms, tools, and methods used to create digital illustrations, complex page layout documents for print and web based multimedia content.  As you advance to your capstone courses in the graphics program, the unique opportunity to address clients marketing design needs while creating a collective portfolio of your work is made available.

With an A.S. degree in Graphics, you will be prepared for transfer to university graphics programs and entry level employment.

Graphics (Associate in Science Degree)

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A major of 35 units is required for the associate in science degree. Required core courses (26 units):

GRPH/ART 108 Design 1 on the Computer 3 units
ART 110 Design 1 3 units
GRPH 110 Introduction to Graphic Design 3 units
GRPH 111 Electronic Imagery Lab 1 units
GRPH 112 Basic Electronic Imagery 3 units
GRPH 113 Computer Illustration 3 units
GRPH 114 Computer Illustration Lab 1 units
GRPH 115 Graphics Art Preparation 3 units
GRPH 116 Digital Presentation and Portfolio Techniques 3 units
GRPH 120 From Desktop Publishing to Commercial Reproduction 3 units
MMAC 101 Introduction to Multimedia Processes 2 units
MMAC 102 Introduction to Multimedia Lab 1 units
  Plus a minimum of 9 units selected from the following:  
ART 106 Art of the 20th Century 3 units
ART 112 Design Color Theory 3 units
FILM 101 Film as Art and Communication 3 units
GRPH 118 Introduction to Web Graphics 3 units
GRPH 130 3D Modeling for Product Design 3 units
GRPH 160AB Multimedia Lab 2 units
GRPH 189 Independent Projects 1-3 units
FILM/MMAC 114 Dynamic Internet Design 3 units
FILM/MMAC 126 Motion Graphics for Multimedia and Film 3 units

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