Rehearsal Calendar


August 21 Rehearsal
  28 Rehearsal
September 4 Rehearsal (Labor Day)
  11 Rehearsal
  18 Rehearsal
  25 Rehearsal
  29  Rehearsal 
  30 Evening Concert V.C.A.
October 2 Rehearsal
  9 Rehearsal
  16 Rehearsal
  23 Rehearsal
  30 Rehearsal
  3 Rehearsal
  4 Evening Concert V.C.A
  6 None
  13 Rehearsal
  20 Rehearsal
  27 Rehearsal
December Evening Concert V.C.A 
  5 None


January  22 Rehearsal
  29  Rehearsal
February 5 Rehearsal
  12 Rehearsal
  19 Rehearsal (Wash B-day)
  26 Rehearsal
 March 5 Rehearsal
  10 Evening Concert V.C.A
  12 Rehearsal
  17 Band-A-Rama(AHC)
  19 None (Spring Break)
  26 Rehearsal
 April 2 Rehearsal
  9 Rehearsal
  16  Rehearsal 
  23 Rehearsal
  30 Rehearsal
 May 11 Rehearsal
  12 Evening Concert V.C.A 

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James May

James May
Accounting Student

"My career goals as an accounting student are to fully immerse myself in the business world, to basically have an understanding of how businesses operate and function. The teachers seem to be very enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about what they're doing. Everything that has to do with learning how a business works is presented in a class. It's going to be very easy to apply anything that you learn here at school in the real world."
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