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Engineering (A.A.)

A major of 35 units is required for the associate in arts degree. 

Required Core Courses (20 Units):  
CHEM 150 General Chemistry 1 5 units
MATH 182 Calculus 2 5 units
PHYS 161 Engineering Physics 1 5 units
PHYS 162 Engineering Physics 2 5 units
PHYS 163 Engineering Physics 3 5 units
Category A - Engineering   
ENGR 152 Statics 3 units
ENGR 154 Dynamics 3 units 
ENGR 156 Strength of Materials 4 units 
ENGR 161 Materials Science 3 units 
ENGR 162 Materials Science Lab 1 units 
ENGR 170 Electric Circuit Analysis 3 units 
ENGR 171 Electric Circuit Lab 1 units 
ENGR 172 Circuits and Devices 4 units 
ENGR 173 Circuits and Devices Lab 1 units 
Category B - Engineering Support  
CHEM 151 General Chemistry 2 5 units 
CS 111 Fundamentals of Programming 1 4 units 
CS 175 Object-Oriented Programming 3 units 
CS 141 Computer Fundamentals in Digital Design 3 units 
ET 140 Engineering Drawing  3 units 
ET 145 Advanced Engineering Drawing  3 units 
MATH 183 Multivariable Calculus  5 units 
MATH 184 Linear Algebra/Diff Equations 5 units 
PHYS 162 Engineering Physics 2 5 units 
PHYS 163 Engineering Physics 3 5 units 
Recommended Electives:  
ENGR 100 Introduction to Engineering 1 units 
ENGR 124 Excel for Science and Engineering 1 units 
ENGR 126 Math Lab for Science and Engineering  1 units 

For degree purposes, the natural science general education requirement will have been met by the major.

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Richard Caliguri
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