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Emergency Medical Services

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A major of 29.5 units is required for the associate in science degree and certificate. Required core courses (17.5 units):
LE 341 Emergency Vehicle Operations/ Non-Law Enforcement .5 units
EMS 300 Introduction to Emergency Medical Services .5 units
EMS 301 Emergency Medical Technician-1 (Basic) 5 units
EMS 302 EMS Academy 1B (Advanced) 7 units
EMS 306 CPR for Healthcare Providers .5 units
ENVT 156 First Responder Operational 16-hr 1 unit
HUSV 148 Coping with Emergency Response 3 units
  Plus a minimum of 12 units selected from the following:  
EMS 102 First Aid and Safety Education 3 units
EMS 134 Internship Seminar 1 units
EMS 149 Cooperative Work Experience: Occupational (related to EMS) 1-8 units
EMS 303 Paramedic Prep 1.5 units
EMS 304 EMT Clinical Experience 2 units
EMS 307 Wilderness EMS-First Aid 2 units
EMS 309 Basic Trauma Life Support 1 units
EMS 310 Child Care First Aid and CPR .5 units
EMS/FT 319 Emergency Response to Terrorism 3 units
EMS 320 Emergency Medical Response to Hazardous Materials 1 units
EMS 321 Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) 1 units
EMS 322 Pediatric Advanced Life Support 1 units
EMS 325 Lifeguard Certification 2 units
EMS 315 Ambulance Strike Team Provider 1 units
EMS 316 Ambulance Strike Team Leader 1 units
EMS 328 Wilderness EMS - Wilderness Travel 1.5 units
EMS 337 Wilderness EMS -Aircraft Search Technology and Techniques 2 units
EMS/FT/ EMS 343 Paramedic Clinical Laboratory 4 units
EMS 347 Wilderness EMS - Urban, Rural and Wilderness SAR Management 2 units
EMS 350 Wilderness EMS - Essentials of Search and Rescue 3 units
EMS 353 Paramedic Field Internship 10 units
EMS 360 Wilderness EMS - Man Tracking 1 1 units
EMS 362 Wilderness EMS - Man Tracking 2 1 units
EMS 378 Wilderness EMS - EMT Wilderness Transition 2.5 units
EMS 388 Wilderness EMS - Searching with Canine (K-9) Teams 2.5 units
EMS 416 Child Care First Aid and CPR Refresher .5 units
ENVT 338 Land Navigation 1.5 units
WFT 302 Basic Incident Command System (I-200) .5 units

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Clayton Gardner

Clayton Gardner
EMS Student

"The EMT program here has helped me establish the training and education necessary to succeed. As an EMT, I need to be prepared to handle each situation in a professional manner and at this academy they help train you in order to deal with these situations. The teachers here are great- they are able to share and relay their experiences in order to train us to deal with the different situations that we're going to encounter."

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