Priority Registration

Time tickets are issued one week prior to the first day of registration.  The date listed below is the first day you may register.  Open registration will continue through January 19, 2015.  Beginning January 20, 2015 add codes are required.  For information concerning add codes, please click on the Add Codes link in the Admissions & Records menu.

Description Date
CALWorks  Nov 17
EOPS Students Nov 17 
DSPS Students Nov 17 
Active Duty & Eligible Veterans Nov 17
Foster Youth Nov 17
Pre Approved Nursing Students Nov 18
LAP Note takers Nov 18
MESA Nov 18
50 - 100 Completed Units Nov 18
Bridges to the Baccalaureate Prog   Nov 18
Athletes Nov 18
30+ Completed Units Nov 19

New Students
Must have completed START,
Orientation and have an SEP on file  

Nov 19
12+ Completed Units Nov 20
First Time Transfer Students Nov 21
 .5+ Completed Units Nov 21
100.5+ Completed Units Nov 22
Community Ed Students
Nov 22
All Other Eligible Students Nov 22
College Now! Students Jan 5


First-time transfer students may be exempt from START if they have completed
math and English at another college.  Official transcripts must be submitted to the
Allan Hancock College Admissions office prior to registering for classes.

Continuing students must remain in good standing to maintain priority registration
status.  Students who are in A2 academic or P2 progress probation status (or higher)
will not be eligible for priority registration.  Students who meet established criteria
may be eligible to appeal for priority registration.

Go to and click Forms.

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Julie Gutierrez

Julie Gutierrez
ECS Student

"Allan Hancock College is the greatest thing that has happened to me. It has given me the opportunity to grow and learn valuable information from experienced teaching staff while staying at home saving money. I will transfer to a four-year college next spring."
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