Future Course Offerings

Fall 2018
Spring 2019


Classes for Fall 2018 Units
 Winemaking Operations I and III 2
Sensory Analysis I 3
Introduction to Viticulture 3
Introduction to Winemaking 3
Viticulture Practices I and IV 2
Introduction to Winemaking 1
Soils 4
Biodynamic wine 3
Plant Science 3
Small Acreage Viticulture 1
Ag Sales Comm & Leaders 3
Wine Marketing and Sales 3
Wine Tasting Room Sales 1
Environmental Horticulture 3
Harvest Boot Camp 0.5
Wine Appreciation 0.5
Classes for Spring 2019 Units
 Winemaking Operations II and IV 2
Sensory Analysis II 3
Wine Tasting Room Sales 1
Introduction to Winemaking 3
Wine Business 3
Introduction to Viticulture 3
Viticulture Practices II and V 2
Fertilizers 4
Wine and food pairing 0.5
Wine Analysis 3
Introduction to Winemaking online 3
AG Econ 3
Mechanized Agriculture 3
Animal Science 3
Beer Brewing 2
Environmental Horticulture 3

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Gilberto Rodriguez

Gilberto Rodriguez
Political Science Transfer

"Counseling helped me develop a Student Education Plan which organized my classes in a way to help me develop as a better student and make my course-load easier by taking courses that complemented each other. The semesters were designed for me to focus on my courses. Now I'm well prepared and disciplined to start my new chapter in life by attending CSU Northridge as a Political Science: Law and Society major."

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