Faculty Roles

Faculty Representative to the Board of Directors

The faculty representative on the Allan Hancock College Foundation Board of Directors is a voting member of the board.

The Board of Directors of the Allan Hancock College Foundation establishes goals and policies, insures that adequate resources are available to carry out its policies, and monitors the achievement of its goals. Board members are drawn from the community and the campus constituency as stated in the bylaws. The faculty representative will contribute to the board diversity and will possess these qualifications:


The faculty representative is a current full-time faculty member of Allan Hancock College and a tenured member of the campus community. The Academic Senate president is not eligible to hold this position.
The representative cares about the role and future of Allan Hancock College.
The representative is willing to serve a full term and assist in the foundation activities.

Term of Office

The faculty representative is appointed annually by the Academic Senate of the District and shall serve for a one-year term, renewable at the option of the Academic Senate, for a maximum of three consecutive years. Recommendation and final approval will be brought before the Allan Hancock College Foundation Board of Directors at a quarterly meeting.


The faculty representative will:

  • Attend board meetings and board retreats.
  • Report and interpret to the foundation board the instructional activities of the faculty. 
  • Report and interpret the foundation activities to the Academic Senate and its constituency.
  • Assist the Allan Hancock College Foundation with fundraising events and activities.
  • Assist in recruiting faculty volunteers for foundation activities.

The faculty representative will not be responsible for: 

  • Generating $1,000 or more each year for the foundation.
  • Serving on ad hoc or oversight committees.
  • Providing nominees for community representation on the board.


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