Career Cruising

Career Cruising is a self-exploration and planning program that helps people of all ages achieve their potential in school, career and life.  

  • Build Self-awareness
  • Explore in-depth information on multiple occupations, including multimedia interviews, workplace photos, sample career paths, job search, and much more
  • Identify career matches based on interests and skills through integrated assessments
  • Review personalized feedback to understand the results to future pathway 
  1. Visit
    - (AHC) Username: hancock
    - (AHC) Password: allan
  2. Select Create My Plan
    - Create your sign-in
    - Click Create My Plan
  3. Click Assessments
    - Click Matchmaker & My Skills and start new matchmaker
    - Review job sectors choices
    - Click Answer More Questions
    - Review job sectors choices
    - Click on Start My Skills
    - Review job sectors choices
  4. Click Print Assessment Results
    - Click Print My Plan
    - Print My Plan
    - Choose desired sections
    - Print Report (You can print job choices at any time)
  5. Click My Careers tab
    - Type in job choice and review information and videos (in the life of a professional in that job)
    - Click My Education
    - Search for majors and school locations
  6. Employment
    - You can upload any assessments
    - You can upload resumes, etc.


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Amy Guerra

Amy Guerra
Agribusiness Student

"I've enjoyed the wine courses here at Hancock. I have gained a better understanding and knowledge of the industry, specifically in the enology program. I hope to transfer to Cal Poly to major in ag business. The effort and partnership between our professors, the industry, and the universities make Hancock the perfect pathway for the full-time student or individual who wants to be part of the wine industry."

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