Teach for Community Education at AHC

Are you interested in teaching for Community Education? 

Community Education hires instructors to teach noncredit and fee-based classes throughout the year. Advertisements for teaching opportunities are listed on the Allan Hancock College Human Resources webpage.  

Noncredit Courses

The college is permitted to offer noncredit courses in the following 10 instructional areas: 

  • Basic Skills,
  • English as a Second Language,
  • Citizenship,
  • Health and Safety,
  • Family and Consumer Sciences,
  • Parenting,
  • Courses for Older Adults,
  • Courses for Adults with Disabilities,
  • Short-Term Vocational, and
  • Workforce Preparation.

Noncredit classes are free classes funded by the state Chancellor’s Office. Instructors must meet statewide minimum qualifications to teach noncredit courses, as established by the state Chancellor’s Office. View the Minimum Qualifications (PDF)

If you are interested in proposing a new noncredit course, submit a Faculty Interest Form (PDF) along with your resume to Vickey Smith, vickey.smith@hancockcollege.edu 

Fee-Based/College for Kids

We also offer Community Service Fee-Based courses. Fee-based courses are self-sustainable, do not receive public funding, and as a result, charge an enrollment fee as required by the California Community College Chancellor's Office.  Fee-based course topics are broad ranging—college for kids, personal development, fitness, and career training.  Course offerings are determined by community need/interest.

If you are interested in developing a fee-based course, please submit a fee-based course proposal.  Please note that the Community Education class schedule is developed six months in advance; courses will not be offered in the same semester in which the proposal is submitted.

Fee Based Course Proposal and Instructions (PDF)

Deadlines to submit fee-based course proposals are as follows:

  • To offer a class in the spring - July 1
  • To offer a class in the summer - November 1
  • To offer a class in the fall - December 1


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Luisa Gijon

Luisa Gijon

" My experience in AHC was enlightening. I learned to overcome obstacles. I learned to look for help when I had a problem. When I first came to AHC, I was placed in English 501. English was one of the hardest courses for me, but having a laboratory with great staff help me get confidence. I took advantage of the free tutoring AHC had. The biggest thing I learned from AHC was to trust myself in everything I did.

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