Allan Hancock College Credit Matriculation Plan PDF 
Allan Hancock College Noncredit Matriculation Plan PDF 

What is Matriculation?

Matriculation is a comprehensive student success program involving the total campus community.

What is START?

START (Student Testing, Advising, Retention and Transition) is a Matriculation program for student success.


The roots of Matriculation began in the early 1980s. In 1986, the California legislature passed into law AB3, the Seymour-Campbell Matriculation Act. Our state legislators established the act to ensure student success. 

Student responsibilities

Know college policies and procedures as described in the college catalog. 
Decide upon an educational goal. 
Identify and successfully complete courses necessary to reach that goal. 
Attend class regularly and complete all assignments.

Some of the goals for the eight components of Matriculation: 

  • Admissions: To ensure smooth processing of new students; to collect important student data and to assist non-English speaking students in the enrollment process. 
  • Orientation: To familiarize students with the campus, programs, and services as well as their responsibilities and rights as students. 
  • Assessment: To help students determine their math, English and reading skills and to make appropriate placement recommendations. 
  • Counseling: To recommend appropriate courses; to help students develop education plans; and to provide individualized guidance services to help students succeed. 
  • Follow-up Services: To help students with academic difficulties and/or undecided majors by providing student success workshops and to help them to connect with other campus resources. Research and Evaluation: To determine the effectiveness of the matriculation program as a whole, as well as, the START assessment process in particular. Training and Coordination: To provide training and information to the entire campus community on matriculation-related programs, activities and policies. 
  • Pre- and Co-Requisites and Advisories: To inform students of necessary skills and knowledge which foster academic success; to provide an enforcement procedure; and to ensure that a viable appeal process is in place.


Santa Maria Campus, Bldg. A 
Telephone: 805-922-6966, ext. 3633
FAX number: 805-922-9586
Dr. Charles Osiris, Dean, Student Services / Counseling and Matriculation



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