Articulation and Transfer


The Articulation Office is responsible for the development and publication of AHC's CSU GE Certification Pattern, AHC IGETC Certification pattern, AHC UC Transferable Course List and the development of formal course-to-course agreements between AHC and four-year colleges and universities.  The primary articulation focus is with the California University of California (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems.

Academic Policy & Planning (AP&P) and Articulation

The role of the articulation officer (AO) in the AHC curriculum development process is to provide information on transfer policies, procedures, and regulations especially as they affect current or proposed transfer level courses and programs.  The AO reports regularly at AP&P committee meetings and is a crucial part of the academic policy and planning processes.

Initial Development Phase   
The development of new transfer curriculum and/or modification of existing transfer curriculum is done in consultation with the college's Articulation Officer.  The AO should be contacted during the initial planning stages.  Early consultation will save lots of time and effort in the review process.
  • Transfer course proposals require comparable CSU/UC course or baccalaureate level rigor.
  •  AO has access to comparable CCC course outlines of record (COR) and/or CSU/UC course syllabi.
The AO and initiator will research comparable course information at other California Community Colleges (CCC), at California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC) campuses.  Approval for proposed transfer level curriculum requires that a comparable lower-division CSU or UC or other community college course exists.   In situations where there isn’t a comparable course the course will be reviewed based on baccalaureate level criteria provided by the CSU and UC.  

articulation agreements, Transfer Model Curriculum,  and CID

The AO is the person responsible for initiating system-wide and campus specific articulation agreement review requests.  The AO works with faculty in identifying courses for system-wide articulation, transfer GE patterns, UC transferability and ADTs as well as campus specific course-to-course articulations important for major preparation requirements at the CSU and/or UC campuses.  


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