Click on a position from the list below. Closing Date Status
Administrative / Management Positions
Assistant Director, Human Resources 06/09/2017 Open
Full-Time Faculty Positions
Temporary Noncredit Basic Skill Coordinator/Instructor 06/12/2017 Open
Part-Time Faculty Positions
Bilingual English/Spanish GED Preparation Instructor 05/30/2017 Open
Chemistry 120 & 150 Instructors 08/07/2017 Open Until Filled
ESL Instructor - Non-Credit 08/01/2017 Open
Green Gardening & Landscaping Instructor 07/10/2017 Open
Industrial Technology Instructors 08/04/2017 Open Until Filled
Law Enforcement Training Coordinator/Instructor for Advanced Officer Training Program 06/15/2017 Open
Law Enforcement Training Coordinator/Instructor for the Core Custody Academy 06/15/2017 Open
Librarian 08/01/2017 Open Until Filled
Math Instructor 06/20/2017 Open
Music Instructors 12/04/2017 Open Until Filled
Noncredit Citizenship Instructor (Bilingual—English/Spanish) 05/30/2017 Open Until Filled
Statistics Instructor 06/20/2017 Open
Web Design 08/01/2017 Open Until Filled
Classified Positions
Campus Safety Officer 06/08/2017 Open
Custodian - Late Night 06/01/2017 Open
Equipment Attendant/Custodian 06/07/2017 Open
Groundskeeper I - LVC 06/02/2017 Open
Temporary Classified Positions
Interpreter I (Transcriber) 06/30/2017 Open Until Filled
Sign Interpreter I, II, III & IV 06/30/2017 Open Until Filled
Temporary and On-Call Custodians for Day & Evening 06/30/2017 Open Until Filled
Temporary Clerical 06/12/2017 Open