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Friday Night Science is science education at its best!  For one night each year, Friday Night Science brings the excitement of a big city science museum to Santa Maria. At the event, you can expect approximately 40 hands-on activities for students, based on museum exhibits and classroom science. The hands-on activities range from biology, to physics, engineering demonstrations and more.  An Allan Hancock College student will be stationed at each activity to help your students operate the experiment or demonstration and to explain the scientific principles involved.  

For K-12 educators who are interested in turning this event into a homework assignment, we have developed a free, supplemental handout for your students. Below you will see a link to an assignment that students can bring to Friday Night Science. 
This assignment was designed to:
  1. Help students identify “cause and effect”
  2. Increase student’s observational skills by drawing out the demonstration
  3. Help students identify new scientific concepts or terms that they’ve learned from the demonstration
This is the first Friday Night Science with a supplemental activity handout and constructive feedback is welcomed!  If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve this form, or make it more usable, please let us know.  An editable version of this file is also available. 
For feedback or to request the editable version of this document, please email: Cynthia Nunn at cnunn@hancockcollege.edu

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