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Free captioning software is availabe from Overstream.net and now You Tube offers free captioning for your own videos.

Accessible Videos

According to Section 508 of the Disabilities Act, videos must be captioned. Captions are text versions of the spoken word and allow the content of web audio and video to be accessible to those who are deaf, hard of hearing, learning disabled or ESL. The following is a brief overview of the process of captioning your videos and some tips to finding captioned online videos.

Creating your own captioned video:

If you are creating your own video, you are in luck because many campuses have an Alternative Media Specialist who will make arrangements for your video to be captioned.  At Allan Hancock College all you need to do is create your video and give the video file to our Media Specialist! If your school is not equipped with a designated Alternative Media Specialist don’t worry there are many companies who will caption the video for you.

Linking to YouTube, Google Video, PBS or other online videos (Videos that you didn’t create):

Schools are not always willing or able legally to caption videos that they don’t own without permission of the video creator so the best way to go is to only link to videos that are already captioned. The following is a list of sites that offer captioned online videos:

WGBH – provides an impressive amount of high-quality, captioned content on their accessible media page.

NBC – Many of the listed programs for which NBC has posted full episodes are close captioned.

PBS Frontline - offers several years worth of captioned Frontline episodes.

Project Read On - is a non-profit organization that offers a modest collection of captioned videos

Google Video – will allow you to do an advance video search for “only closed captioned videos”.

YouTube - Some of You Tube's partners have started using captions but the options are limited.
- UC Berkeley : footage from the Opencast Project Open House .
- MIT : full lectures on subjects like Physics .

Films.com - Subscriptions to captioned online films can be purchased.
Last Modified 11/10/10