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Are you Ready to Teach Online?

An online instructor must possess a unique set of tools to perform successfully. Some instructors from the traditional classroom environment will easily adapt to the online model, while others may find the transition challenging. Reflect on your teaching style, circumstances and technical skills to see if teaching online is right for you.


Take the "Is Online Teaching for Me?" Quiz or take a look at the following qualities of a successful online instructor:

  1. Comfortable in the online environment and using computers.
  2. Believe that high-quality learning can take place in an online environment.
  3. Be able to clearly communicate expectations and learning goals.
  4. Be able to promote online communication.
  5. Demonstrate the qualities of openness, concern, flexibility and sincerity.
  6. Comfortable communicating in writing.
  7. Be available in the evenings, weekends, etc.

Useful Resources:

LDOnline offers resources for faulty that support their understanding of Learning Disabilities.

The Faculty Lounge is a disability resource site for faculty and administrators at postsecondary institutions.

Last Modified 8/9/10