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Many students utilize technology to communicate with friends and family daily and claim to enjoy this aspect of distance learning.

Collaborative Tools

Collaborative learning involves joint intellectual effort by students or students and teachers. Learners engage in a common task in which each individual depends on and is accountable to each other. Groups of students work together in searching for understanding, meaning or solutions or in creating an artifact of their learning such as a product. Collaborative learning activities can include collaborative writing, group projects, and other activities. In Blackboard, collaborative learning has taken on many forms. The following are some links to tips and tricks for using Blackboard to create learning activities:

Student Home Pages : This quick how-to gives directions for letting students share information with a home page.

Creating and Managing Groups : Follow along as this interactive tutorial teaches you about BlackBoard groups.

BlackBoard Organization : Get your club or other organization on BlackBoard and set up a Community tab.

Archiving Discussion Board Threads : Save your threads for later use and class discussions by watching this guide.

How to Add BlackBoard to Facebook : Impress your students by linking up BlackBoard and Facebook.

How to Add a Blog to Your BlackBoard Course : Keep your students updated with a blog on BlackBoard.    


Blackboard wikis are a free, easy place to collaborate on school work. Read about ways to integrate wikis here.

What is the Wiki Tool?  Get an overview of how Wiki's work with Blackboard here.

How to Add a Wiki to Your BlackBoard Course : Use this feature as another collaboration tool on BlackBoard.

Group Workspace : Stony Brook University gives a great step-by-step introduction to creating and using wiki tools on Blackboard.

Using the Wiki Tool in Blackboard for Teaching : Discover new ways to use the wiki in your classroom and through Blackboard.

Using Wikis Within Blackboard : Sections in this guide include "Getting Started with Wikis," "How to Add a Picture to a Wiki Page," "How to View Wiki Page History and Recover Deleted Pages," and others.    

Collaborative Learning Ideas  

OnCourse  : This site offers many collaborative learning ideas. 


Useful Resources:

Palomar College provides many resouces, including screen videos with information from loading a class roster in Blackboard to using Wimba Voice tools.

Blackboard TV is a collection of multimedia instructional videos for instructors at the college level.

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