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Some students with learning disabilities prefer distance learning courses. Information is easily repeated and online discussion boards allow students to assist one another.

Learning Assessment Survey (LAS)

Many students are unsure or unaware that they may have a learning disability. Staff at Allan Hancock College have created an online assessment survey tool to assist students who may be learning disabled. Students can take this survey online and receive results by email.  This survey has demonstrated a very significant predictive value and staff at the college have used it to help identify students who may qualify for services.

Link to survey: Learning Assessment Survey (LAS)

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This survey is designed to identify your learning style and to determine if you are eligible to receive extra academic
support services (i.e. free tutoring and extra-time on tests.) Your learning style is the way you prefer to learn.
There is no good or bad learning style but becoming aware of how you learn most efficiently can greatly increase
your ability to succeed in college.

Useful Resources:

LDOnline offers resources for faulty that support their understanding of Learning Disabilities.

The Faculty Lounge is a disability resource site for faculty and administrators at postsecondary institutions.

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