Did you know?

Many new Blackboard tools are designed to work with mobile web devices such as the Iphone, Blackberry, and Android devices.

Other Tools

Blackboard works with many other medium and online platforms, such as Facebook and podcasting.

Google Scholar Building Block : This in-the-works tool integrates Google Scholar with Blackboard, so teachers can search Google Scholar and bring up results for their students within Blackboard.

Link to e-books  : This UT page shows professors how to link e-books to their BlackBoard page. 

Content Types : Learn about all the different content types that you can add to BlackBoard, like MERLOT, Rich URL, Learning Units and others.

Glossary Tool : Create word glossaries for your different courses with this tool.

Calendar Appointment Scheduler : This BlackBoard tool lets students sign up for appointments with professors or Teaching Assistants.

Advanced Group Management : This improved group management tool features an "all-in-one location" for you to create or delete groups and members, and customize group settings.

Online Attendance : Instructors have several options for managing attendance with this tool, which also lets students review a summary of their absences.

Who’s Online Portal Module : See who else is on Blackboard with this tool.

RSS Module with Descriptions : Customize the manner in which you want your Blackboard headlines and descriptions displayed.

Content System Website Tool : Create new websites for yourself or your courses with this tool.

SafeAssign : Blackboard’s "plagiarism prevention service" monitors student assignments for stolen content.

Turnitin Blackboard Integration Movie : Use Turnitin to monitor plagiarism and manage gradebook integration with Blackboard. 

Useful Resources:

Palomar College Provides many resources demonstrating how to upload a roster using Blackboard to Wimba Voice tools.

Blackboard TV Multimedia instructional videos for Blackboard.

Last Modified 11/11/10