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Universal Design in Learning encourages faculty to consider how they present their course materials as well as how they provide varius ways for students to interact with the materail and express what they have learned.

UDL Assignment Example

Instructions: Please complete only one of the following activities. 

Activity 1
Apply what you have learned about UDL to a presentation you will give at your next department or Learning Circle meeting. You may write this in outline form, on slides, or another means. The presentation is called: “10 tips to making your DL course more accessible to students with learning disabilities”. It must last 15-30 minutes. Include handouts you will use. Make sure it is practical information they can use right away.

Activity 2
Find your own articles or websites on UDL (at least 3). Review and evaluate them as resources for teachers and other professionals. Be sure to provide complete citations for each site or article.

Activity 3
Take 3 different learning units that you use regularly in your class. For each unit, describe how you will use UDL to modify it. What kinds of projects or activities could students choose from? Be sure to keep in mind, that you will go with the CENTRAL IDEA of the activity, and then brainstorm many ways that students could learn the material based on their preferences. This should come out to about 2-3 double-spaced pages PER unit. (HINT: They have examples of how to do this in the http://www.cast.org/)

Activity 4
Design a poster to go in the Staff Dining Room. In an engaging and simple way, give the basic information on: Why UDL is important, what UDL is, and some guidelines or examples on how to use it. You could “blow” this up in size if you decide to put it on poster board later, but for now, show it on a regular 8.5 x 11 page.

Activity 5
Make a handout (1 to 3 pp.) for instructors at your school. In the handout, make specific suggestions for how they might modify their instruction next year to accommodate 3 students with various learning and physical disabilities.

Activity 6
Design a learning activity of your choice that focuses on UDL. Please submit your idea to me for approval BEFORE you complete it. Send me the idea you would like to use via email.

Adapted from AccessIT webinar.

Useful Resources:

EnACT offers resources for faulty that support their understanding and implementation of UDL at the post secondary level

CAST offers opportunities and resources to help educators meet the challenge of teaching diverse learners using the UDL principle.

Last Modified 8/9/10