Click here to request a surveyThe Office of Institutional Effectiveness develops and administers surveys for evaluation and assessment purposes as needed by the college.

Surveys are a tool to help inform college decision-making processes. Institutional Effectiveness works with various campus constituents to develop and administer surveys to meet department, program, councils and committees, and student needs.

All surveys intended for distribution to members of the Allan Hancock community (faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees, or other members) require review by Institutional Effectiveness. Our goal is to ensure that the number of surveys members from our campus community receive are limited and minimally overlap with each other and that the aim of the survey administration is consistent with the college’s mission and priorities.

Institutional Effectiveness will:

  • Provide review and feedback on survey instruments and the questions they are designed to answer.
  • Serve as a repository for survey instruments used across schools and units.
  • Provide data analysis and report writing support.
  • Maintain a calendar of survey initiatives across campus.

The following types of surveys do not require review and approval by Institutional Effectiveness:

  • Faculty/student academic research, including assignments and classroom assessment techniques.
  • Institution elections or voting.
  • Course evaluations conducted by academic departments.

Institutional Effectiveness requests information about these surveys to integrate into the survey calendar.

Allan Hancock College CTE Data

Sample survey data from the CTE Survey, 2017.


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Last Modified Oct 18, 2017