Welcome Back MESA Students ~ Spring 2018!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday break and are ready for another exciting and productive term in the MESA Program and in your courses.  We wanted to notify you of a few important items of business as you begin your spring 2018 term.

  • Just a friendly reminder to please be respectful that the center is a STUDY center and your GPA is very important to your educational success.  We welcome group study and working together to support one another’s academic success.  Please respect your peers and behave in ways that promote your academic success and that of your peers.
  • The MESA Center will be open throughout the term Monday through Wednesday 9AM – 6PM; Thursday 9AM – 5PM; and Friday 9AM – 2PM.
  • If you haven’t met with Christine Reed, MESA Counselor/Coordinator recently, please make an appointment to do so.  It is important that every MESA student meet with her sometime between January and May to verify you are on track academically.  Please work with Dorine to schedule an appointment after the first two weeks of classes.
  • If you have not had a chance to utilize the MESA website regularly, please get in the habit of checking it at least every two weeks for news and important information.  All MESA/STEM events, activities, field trips, and workshops are posted on the website, as well as the Review Sessions/Organized Study Groups and tutoring schedules.  There is also lots of other useful information.  You can access the website by visiting the main Hancock site and selecting MESA from the student services menu or the Quick Links.  Here is also a link to it:
  • The STEM/MESA Activities and Workshop schedule for the term is completed and posted to the MESA website.  It is required that all MESA students attend at least 3 activities/workshops within the term.  If you are experiences difficulties attending, you must notify me and explain your circumstances.  We will be taking attendance and electronically keeping records of your MESA involvement.  I think you will find the workshops valuable and a good use of your time.  Please visit the MESA website at and click on the link at the left “Service & Event Calendar.”
  • We will be continuing to offer Review Sessions, Organized Study Groups and tutoring for your academic success. Students who regularly participate in this service earn higher grades. You may review the schedule of session offerings as well as our tutor availability at the MESA website at and click on the link at the left “Review Sessions, Organized Study Groups, & Tutoring Schedules.”


  • If you are planning to transfer to university fall 2018, please check your email regularly for updates and deadline notifications from the universities. Make sure to stay connected to the MESA program as you prepare to transition to the next level (exciting!). The UTC will be holding “Next Steps” workshops this term for those students accepted to universities to help you in making a successful transition. Every MESA student who is preparing to transfer fall 2018 is required to attend one of these workshops (and I think you will find the experience invaluable).
  • We encourage all MESA students to get involved in the Science and Engineering Club on campus. For more information, visit the STEM Center. 

We look forward to seeing all you wonderful people in the MESA Center soon.  If there is anything we can do to help you get off to a great start this term, please feel free to let us know.

Take Care and Happy Spring 2018!

Christine and Dorine

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Jesus Vivar

Jesus Vivar
Computer Science Student

The first engineering class I took at Allan Hancock College was really challenging for me, but I thanked the counselor who showed me the way to the MESA program. There I was overwhelmed by all the resources offered and especially by all the students taking the same classes. Study groups with MESA students really made it easier for me to achieve. I am happy to say that I made it this far not only because of my determination to achieve a higher education, but also because of the wonderful people that I met at Hancock who encourage students to go the extra mile and accomplish their dreams.

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