The purpose of the MESA Club is to provide a collaborative learning atmosphere for students where they can work together and help, support, and guide one another.  The MESA Club offers a pipeline of extracurricular activities to support the efforts of students who have the potential to excel in the fields of math, engineering, science or computer science.

For information on the next MESA Club meeting, call the MESA Center at (805) 922-6966 ext. 3446.   

Officers of the MESA Club 2013-2014

President: Chris Welch
Vice President: Ernesto Garcia
Treasurer: Chris Forkin
Secretary: Alyssa Zuniga 
Activities Coordinator: Victor Mendez
Membership Coordinator:  Tim Kennedy
Media Coordinator: Jeff Loredo
ICC Representative:  Hugo Hernandez


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Video demonstrates how MESA is a solution to the California economy.

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