Student Learning Outcomes

Allan Hancock College MESA Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • After participating in AEW’s, MESA students will demonstrate a command of collaborative work skills in the chosen field of study and exhibit the appropriate study skills to master the material.
  • By the end of fall term of their final year at Allan Hancock College, MESA students will have identified a long-term support system including faculty, on- campus resources, professional organizations, and potential employers.
  • Within 2 semester of admission to the program, MESA students will have an educational plan that outlines the requirements needed for transfer to a four-year institution.
  • By the end of spring term prior to their final year at Allan Hancock College, MESA students will have an adequate resume in order to obtain internships to professionally develop themselves for tomorrow’s workforce.
  • By the end of spring term of their final year at Allan Hancock College, MESA students will have developed the confidence required to successfully navigate the academic process at the accepted transfer institution.

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Matthew Jimenez

Matthew Jimenez
Software Engineering

When I joined MESA I found an atmosphere of very intelligent students, in which I have made friendships that are strengthened by our commitment to success. I am 31 years old and work full-time in order to support my growing family. Time management is vital to my success, and it has taken a while to find the right "recipe" of balance between school, work and family. MESA has given me important resources in the form of tutoring, access to potential internships, and help with the cost of books.

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