Eligibility for the Hancock Promise

The Hancock Promise will provide any local student, who completes their high school education within the Allan Hancock Joint Community College District, with the opportunity to attend Allan Hancock College for one year tuition free. 

Using funds generously donated from throughout the community, the Hancock Promise will cover the tuition and fees for an eligible student’s first year at Allan Hancock College. 

Allan Hancock College district

Allan Hancock College district boundaries. Click photo to enlarge. 

To be eligible for the Hancock Promise, a student must: 

  • Enroll at Hancock directly after graduating from a high school located within the district (Includes public, charter, private, or home schools)
  • Complete financial aid applications
  • Register for a minimum of 12 units in both fall and spring semesters at Hancock
  • Maintain a 2.0 grade point average in the fall in order to be eligible for the Promise in the spring semester
  • Complete one math and one English class during their first year at AHC 

The Hancock Promise is not automatic. Students must follow the necessary steps to participate

Question? Please email promise@hancockcollege.edu or call (805) 347-7550.

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Last Modified Oct 31, 2017