Annual Faculty Art Show Now on Display; Artist Reception is March 27

Show continues through April 18

2013 Faculty ShowMARCH 18, 2013 -- Allan Hancock College has a talented pool of artists/teachers in its fine arts department.  The creative efforts of these visual artists are showcased in the annual Fine Arts Faculty Art Show, now showing in the Ann Foxworthy Gallery on the Santa Maria campus. The show will be on display through Thursday, April 18.

The artwork on display was created in a broad range of media including drawing, mixed media, oils, digital painting, ceramics, photography, and conceptual sculpture.  Art Gallery Director Marti Fast said that the show is a longtime tradition, which allows students and visitors an opportunity to appreciate the depth and breadth of talent in the fine arts program.

Photography instructor David Passage has been shooting images from his iPhone in a new genre of image-making called plein air photography, after the French Barbizon and Impressionist schools that valued immediacy and the effects of light on surface.  He said, “My iPhone is now my camera of choice.  It is always with me, it has a large file size, and the ability to repurpose my photographs takes my breath away.  Phone cameras are not only changing the way people use photography by allowing us to create and access visual information in the moment, they are also an expressive tool, and wonderful apps let you edit pictures on the fly and in the field.”

2013 Faculty Art Show-DragonBob Nichols heads the ceramics program on campus and is a prolific artist.  Constantly experimenting with shapes, symbolism, rich color, and process, his “Life Journey Landscape Platter” invites viewers to explore abstractions and layers of color and calligraphy.

Virginia Mack teaches art appreciation, design, and art history.  She has spent this last year kayaking the channels of the Morro Bay Estuary, sketching, and painting bird life as a way to find a new focus in her life since the death of her husband.

Design instructor Nancy Jo Ward has inspired scores of digital design students with her teaching and art.  She blurs the line between traditional and digital art, drawing, painting, and compositing found objects and textures onto digital photos or pastel drawings that have been developed traditionally and then digitized.

2013 Faculty Show-BeginningsJohn Hood teaches advanced drawing and mixed media and is constantly fascinated by the inner workings of nature.  “Its visual complexities and philosophical possibilities form a base from which I begin my exploration.  My interest in organic matter manifests in imagined shapes based on my environment.  A variety of experiments reveal themselves with new techniques and compositions.  For me, the forms become what I refer to as the constant companion, taking the form of contemplative subject matter.” 

Longtime painting instructor Deborah West’s soothing one-foot-square oil paintings of clouds invites viewers to sit and contemplate light and sky.  She says, “More and more, my work is about the joy I experience in simple beauties, and the pure pleasure of having a brush in hand.  Color is the medium.”

At the other end of the spectrum is Gabriel Navar, who has fun parodying you-tube and the ubiquitous world of apps.  He is inspired by art history, delving into topics of alienation, techno-obsession, gadget-“zombie-fication,”and end-of-times anxiety, among others.  The theme and common thread in his work is society’s preoccupation with technology, especially social media, smart phones, texting, and so on.  His paintings are critical and creative explorations, celebrations, and observations about our relationship(s), dependence, addictions (and so on) with technological toys, gadgets, websites, and apps.  He said he believes that through his lens, the work is not without humor.

The Foxworthy Gallery is located inside the Academic Resource Center, Bldg. L-South, in the heart of the Santa Maria campus.  It is open Monday-Thursday from 9 7:30 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  The gallery is closed weekends and school holidays.  For more information, contact the fine arts department at 922-6966 ext. 3252, or Fast at ext. 3465.

(Above right, Candace Vosburg's "Ancalagon the Black" dragon sculpture incorporates armature, plaster cloth, and epoxy putty. Above left is "Nascence," a mixed media piece by John Hood.)

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