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Social Work (B.A.) 2014-2015

General Education

Following the CSU General Education pattern is recommended:

Area A1:

Speech 101 or 102 (Speech 101 is recommended)


English 101


English 103 or Philosophy 112 or 114 or Speech 106 (English 103 is recommended)

Area B1:

As specified on CSU GE Pattern


As specified on CSU GE Pattern


Make sure one of your courses taken for B1 or B2 includes a lab


As specified on CSU GE Pattern

Area C1:

As specified on CSU GE Pattern


As specified on CSU GE Pattern


As specified on CSU GE Pattern

Area D-1:

As specified on CSU GE Pattern

Area D-2:

As specified on CSU GE Pattern (do not need to satisfy the History & Amer. Ideals requirement)

Area D-3:

As specified on CSU GE Pattern (do not need to satisfy the History & Amer. Ideals requirement)

Area E:

As specified on CSU GE Pattern

Special Notes: Brandman University will accept the IGETC pattern also, so if considering transferring to a UC as well, follow the IGETC pattern instead of the CSU General Education pattern. If considering transferring to a CSU, you must satisfy the U.S. History & American Ideals requirement. You may also choose to follow Brandman University's institutional general education/breadth pattern in lieu of CSU GE or IGETC. See a Brandman University Adviser for information on this pattern.

Related Web site: To view the AHC CSU GE or IGETC patterns visit or you may view a list of AHC GE courses listed on our web site.

Major Coursework

The following courses are recommended:

AHC Course


Number of Units 




Related Web site: Visit the Brandman University web site for more information on this major at

Additional Graduation Requirements

None that may be completed at Allan Hancock College.

Related Web site: Visit the Brandman University web site for more information on graduation requirements at

Admission Tips

It is recommended that you complete between 75 to 85 semester units prior to transfer.  All courses must be completed with a grade of "C" of better.  Students are generally given full credit for baccalaureate-level courses with the exception of work experience, co-op, internship, practicum, and preparatory courses. No credit is give for professional, technical or vocational coursework.  Apply for financial aid between January 1 and March 2 prior to transfer if you can. Start researching scholarships early. It is a good idea to see a Brandman University Adviser once you have completed 60 to 65 units. If you are following the CSU GE or IGETC pattern, make sure you are fully certified prior to seeking admission at Brandman University, or meet with a Brandman Adviser to review their institutional GE/breadth pattern. 

Associate Degree Block Transfer

Brandman University College awards a minimum of 60 semester credits for successful completion of an Associate degree from regionally accredited colleges and universities. Associate degrees must be completed prior to the student being admitted, enrolled and attending his/her first session in a bachelor degree program. The coursework toward completion of the Associate degree will be evaluated for general education and major requirements. The remaining credit needed to reach 60 credits will be added to the record as general elective credit. Additional coursework from regionally accredited colleges and universities beyond the Associate degree will be individually evaluated for credit. If a student is admitted during a semester/session and is currently enrolled and attending in that semester, then the AA Block Transfer option would be allowed if completed prior to the next session start date.

Related Web site: For information on financial aid and scholarships visit and Visit the Brandman University web site for more information on admission requirements at

Allan Hancock College counselors are committed to providing students with quality transfer planning information. This pathway has been developed using a variety of resources provided by the four-year university. It is not an admission guarantee, but a recommendation intended to provide students with clear information about courses that they will need to take in order to successfully transfer. Every effort has been made to make this pathway as accurate as possible; however, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to stay aware of changes that may affect his or her transfer. Because of the dynamic nature of articulation information and admission policies, information provided within this pathway is subject to change.


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Ivan Lucatero

Ivan Lucatero
Cal Poly SLO, Aerospace Engineering

I excelled in math and science in school, so engineering was the right fit and I just had to figure out how to get it done. Throughout high school, I took courses at Allan Hancock College (AHC), and graduated as my high school valedictorian. I then attended AHC in search of a smooth transition to a university. I was able to take my lower division engineering courses and form a great relationship with my professors. While at AHC, I received multiple scholarships form the Allan Hancock Foundation, Santa Barbara Foundation, and MESA-NSF Scholarship. I then attended California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, to pursue an aerospace engineering degree. After just one year at Cal Poly, I was accepted into one of the most prestigious internship programs that NASA offers, the Aeronautics Academy.
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