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Our band is an evening class at Allan Hancock College, and you can enroll for four semesters. After you have been enrolled for the four semesters, you can continue to play in the group by enrolling in Community Services. Check with the college for the required fees. ALL BAND MEMBERS MUST BE ENROLLED IN ONE OR THE OTHER! 


Be sure to buy your parking sticker. Tickets are given and they are EXPENSIVE! 


We play several concerts each year, usually on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. All band members should plan to play at each concert. If you anticipate conflicts, please contact the director as soon as you know, to see what can be worked out. At each concert, either the woodwind or brass section helps to carry equipment and set up the stage. Please be ready to do your part. 


The band will furnish a navy blue blazer. The women must furnish their own medium-gray skirts or slacks, white blouses, black bow ties, and black dress pumps. No sandals please. The men must furnish medium-gray slacks, white shirts, black bow tie, black shoes, and black socks. Questions? Problems? See the wardrobe manager. We'll do what we can to help. 


If you are enrolled for credit, you can elect a letter grade or credit/non-credit for your grade.  If you wish a high grade, you must show up for rehearsals and concerts.  If you are enrolled for Community Service, you will receive no grade.


Music folders may be checked out on a weekly basis if you would like to practice at home (A Highly Recommended Activity).  Since we do not have enough folders for everyone, they must be returned every rehearsal so that others will not be without music on Monday evening.  If you do not return the music, it creates a great deal of inconvenience when the section does not have enough music to read.  If you're sick, please make arrangements to get the folder back to us.

It is very important after each concert to be sure to leave the folders with us so that we can put new music in them for our next rehearsal.  If you don't return folders, you risk being set upon by our attack librarian.  Be forewarned!!!



We have a small number of instruments that may be loaned out.  If you need one, see the director or equipment manager.


We rehearse each Monday during the school term from 6:30 - 9:30 PM.  We use the first fifteen minutes for individual warm-up and practice.  Please use this time to notify the librarian of music problems and any other administrative items.  At 6:45 PM we begin our group rehearsal for the evening.  Do your best to be ready to play at that time.

We always expect everyone to remain for the whole rehearsal period, but if you need to take a break please do so quietly.  If something comes up, please let the director know before you leave.  At the end of the rehearsal, please put your music back in the rack or check it out.  Please do not leave your music on your stand!!


You will be expected to attend all rehearsals and concerts.  If you miss four rehearsals or two performances, you may be dropped from the course.  Notify the director as soon as any conflict arises.  We may be able to work around them.


This band of ours can function wonderfully if we all have a common purpose and goal.  That should be to work together to make beautiful music for the enjoyment of our audiences.  We should enjoy doing this even if it is hard work at times.  Please keep this in mind as we go throughout the year.  Let's make this the best year ever!!



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