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AHC Spanish Debate Team

¡Bienvenidos al equipo de debate en español de AHC!

The AHC Spanish Debate Team provides the opportunity to prepare students to improve and demonstrate their public speaking, reading, and writing skills. The ability examine various motions, to do research and use critical thinking skills are also developed and improved. The benefits of participating in a debate group are valuable to our AHC students, which will help to develop academic, professional and personal communication skills in Spanish. These tools will be beneficial to them to be able to engage in our community and lead by example. 

AHC Spanish Debated Team started in the Fall 2017. In the Spring 2018, most of the AHC debaters participating at the Spanish debate competition, called, Los Legados de Valladolid, hosted by Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo earned first and second place. On the same event, but in the Spring 2019, one of our AHC teams earned second place. Every year in the Fall semester, the AHC Spanish Debate Team hosts the Equinos Chatos competition, where the Cal Poly and AHC teams have the opportunity to debate a motion and present it to the community. 

Students can fulfill the SPAN 189: Independent Project requirement when participating in the AHC Spanish Debate Team. NOTE: SPAN 189 is a required course to earn a Certificate of Accomplishment in Spanish. For more information visit: 

Spanish Degrees Options

Spanish faculty, Dr. Ana Gómez de Torres and Claudia Díaz, invite students to participate in the Spanish Debate Team to improve their critical thinking, communication, and public speaking skills.

Fall 2019 Meetings: Tuesdays from 2:30pm to 4:30pm in C-20 

For more information, contact:

Ana M. Gómez de Torres, Ed.D
805.922.6966, ext. 3833
C-301, Santa Maria campus

Claudia Díaz, M.A.
805.922.6966, ext. 3431
C-303, Santa Maria campus


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