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CORE Custody Academy 
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The Allan Hancock College Core Custody Academy is designed to satisfy State of California Standards and Training for Corrections (STC) requirements for students wanting to be hired as a custody officer by a law enforcement agency or currently employed as such.

The Core Custody Academy is an intensive college course with para-military discipline. Students attending the academy will be academically and physically challenged, faced with solving complex problems in a stressful, disciplined and structured environment. Recruits receive basic training in many phases of custody and care of prisoners.

Our primary goal at the Academy is to prepare you to be a fully capable and employable as a corrections officer in a county or city jail facility. To accomplish this, you will need to understand what it takes to be a corrections officer, and the dedication required to complete Academy training. This information packet will provide you with information on Academy expectations, admissions procedures, and general standards for employment.

Our staff is available to assist with questions you may have regarding the training and admission requirements. We hope you will see the advantages of starting your career in corrections at Allan Hancock College Core Custody Academy, your first step to success.

Our Mission

To prepare students mentally, morally, emotionally and physically for a career as a custody deputy or officer.

  • Provide the highest quality training possible.
  • Provide a learning environment with consideration for safety.
  • Maintain a well-disciplined academic environment, resulting in highly disciplined graduates.
  • Provide a learning environment that is free from discrimination based on religion, race, sex, national origin or sexual orientation.

All graduating students will be able to meet or exceed the  professional standards of the State of California Standards and Training for Corrections (STC).  Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of a custody officer based upon principles of ethics, integrity, honesty, courage, self-discipline, determination, teamwork, compassion, and the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

Basic Academy Dates

Fall 2019 dates:    

September 21 & 22, 2019 - Pre-Academy (Required for independents)

September 23-27, 2019 - PC 832 Arrest & Control (Optional for independents)

September 30 thru October 2, 2019 - PC 832 Firearms (Optional)

October 3 thru November 8, 2019 - CORE Academy (Required)

Applications due on/before September 15, 2019

Academy Application Process for Independent Recruits and Co-Sponsored Recruits

If your application packet is approved, you will be notified and given a log-on password to allow you to register for the Law Enforcement Academy on myHancock. When registering online, you will be required to pay in full all college registration fees and CORE Academy course fees (approximately $721.50). Additional costs: $30.54 (Equipment use fee) and $300.-500.00 (uniforms).

    Independent and Co-Sponsored (paid by student or shared cost by recruit and agency)

Academy Application Process for Sponsored 

Agencies must complete the applicable application packet:

   Fully Sponsored   

   Non Sponsored

For additional information on admission requirements, academy expectations, program costs and pre-academy orientation, click on Frequently Asked Questions PDF.

Any questions regarding the Law Enforcement Academy application process should be directed to:

Law Enforcement Training Office
Phone: 1-805-922-6966 ext. 3802

Any questions about the academy in general should be directed to one of the coordinators:

Neal Lemaire at 1-805-922-6966 ext. 5814 or email:

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