Wildland Fire Technology

Wildland Fire Technology

Program Overview

Allan Hancock College’s Wildland Fire Technology program offers a variety of options for those pursuing a career or interest in wildland firefighting. The program allows students to achieve a certificate or associate in science (A.S.) degree in the target area of interest within the field. These areas include:

  • Wildland Firefighting Operations
  • Wildland Firefighting Prevention, Investigation and Prescribed Burning
  • Wildland Firefighting Logistics, Finance and Planning

The program uses nationally recognized course curriculums, providing students with multi-component proficiency training. The training is consistent with standards used by agencies such as the United States Forest Service, Cal Fire, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs as well as those throughout the Santa Barbara County area.


Q: Do I have to be a graduate of Allan Hancock’s Firefighter 1 Academy to begin working toward an A.S. degree or certificate in Wildland Fire Technology?

A: Attending the Firefighter 1 Academy is not required to pursue a goal in wildland fire technology. While not mandatory, the academy includes a component of wildland fire training, making graduates more competitive for entry-level positions.

Program Concentrations

In addition to the Wildland Fire Technology core course curriculum, students must complete another 15 units that apply toward the specific area they choose to pursue.

Wildland Firefighting Operations
This option offers students knowledge and understanding related to fire suppression operations within the wildland fire environment. A variety of courses are offered, with emphasis on Firefighter Safety, Entrapment Avoidance, Command Structure, and information specific to a variety of fireline positions.

Wildland Firefighting Prevention, Investigation, and Prescribed Burning
This option provides students with a thorough understanding of Fire Prevention, Investigation and Prescribed Burning processes in the wildland fire environment. A variety of courses are offered, ensuring students’ comprehension for responsibilities related to positions within the field.

Wildland Firefighting Logistics, Finance, and Planning
This option provides students with training required for support functions within the Incident Command System. Upon successful completion students will demonstrate knowledge required of positions working within the Logistics, Finance and Planning Sections.


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