How to Add a Course from the Wait List

 Most class sections, when full, have the option of an automated wait list.

PART ONE: (Add to a wait list)

To add your name to a wait list, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into myHancock
  2. Click on Register Add/Drop Classes
  3. Select a Term and Submit
  4. Enter the CRN of the full class and click on Submit Changes
  5. You will receive a registration add error
  6. Under Status, you will see the class is closed and the number of students currently on waitlist status
  7. In the Action box, click on the drop down arrow and select Wait Listed and click on Submit Changes
  8. Under "Schedule/Fees/Deadlines" review your current schedule – status should say "Wait listed"
  9. If correct, click on Finalize Registration
  10. You do not pay any fees associated with a course in which you are in wait listed status
  11. To view your wait list position: While still logged into myHancock, click on Waitlist Position under the Registration header. View the course, the date you added to the waitlist, and the waitlist number.

PART TWO: (Wait list notification)

Once you are waitlisted, it is your responsibility to check your email account at least once daily. If you are not currently registered for classes, check your personal email address that you provided on your application for admission. Once you have successfully registered for at least one course, all official communication will be sent to your myHancock email. 

  1. If space becomes available before the first class meeting of the course, you will receive an email notification that a space has become available in the course.
  2. You only have 24 hours from when the email was sent to you to add the course.
  3. Should you not add the course within the 24 hour time frame, your name will automatically be removed from the wait list. 

PART THREE: (adding a wait listed course)

To add a course in which you have received notification you must act within the 24 hour time frame. These instructions are valid before the course begins:

  1. Log into myHancock
  2. Click on Register Add/Drop Classes
  3. Select a Term and Submit
  4. Find the course located in your current schedule – do NOT enter the CRN
  5. In the action box located next to the course, select either Register Via Web or Re-add class then click on Submit Changes
  6. Review your current schedule – status should say "Registered Via Web"
  7. If correct, click on Finalize Registration and proceed to pay fees
  8. Submit all fees associated within the allotted time frame
  9. Failure to pay fees will result in a drop for failure to pay and you will not automatically be added to the wait list again.

PART FOUR: (receiving add authorization codes)

Wait listed students who have not received notification of space availability prior to the first day of the term, must attend the first class session to be considered for a seat in the course. If the class is an online class, it is up to the student to contact the instructor via email to request an add authorization code, prior to the first day of the semester.

Students who do not initiate contact with the instructor on the first day the class is taught will not automatically receive an add authorization code.

Issuing of add authorization codes is strictly up to the individual instructor who is teaching the specific class. Instructors are not required  to issue add authorization codes, even if the student received the wait list notification email after classes have begun.

Add authorization codes are not valid for use until the first day of class.

All registration adds must be processed by the last day to add for each individual CRN, even if students obtain an add authorization code.  Failure to add by the deadline results in missing the opportunity to register for that particular class during that semester or term.

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Last Modified Sep 12, 2019