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Student learning outcomes are the knowledge and skills that students attain during the complex process called teaching and learning.

During the educational process, much is learned by interactions with a variety of people and services on campus. Student services and administration help create a climate conducive to learning and provide services to support the student in their educational journey. All employees at AHC have one common purpose – to provide facilities and learning opportunities that assist the student in achieving academic goals.

The development and assessment of student learning outcomes is the process by which AHC continually improves instruction and services to maximum student success.

SLOs are defined for all levels of the college. Course or service SLOs should align with the program SLOs identified by each discipline or student services unit; similarly, every program and service on campus should address at least one institutional learning outcome.

Data dashboards

  • SLO Performance: Academic Affairs & Student Services
    • These dashboards show the course/context learning outcomes and the data that have been reported in eLumen historically. You can also see all the CSLOs that are active and inactive by educational area.
  • Assessment Participation
    • This dashboard will show number of assessments completed, number of sections, and PLO/ILO indirect and direct assessments by educational area.


The official course outcomes live in Curricunet and eLumen. Anyone can view course outcomes via Curricunet.  Faculty members may log in to eLumen (myHancock/Assessment & IRP Channel/eLumen Login) using their myHancock login/password to locate the course level outcomes that IE has on file. If your outcomes are missing or you have further questions or require eLumen training, please contact Steven Butler, Senior Research & Planning Analyst in IE at ext. 3824 or by email.


  • Knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes that a student is expected to achieve by the end (or as a result) of his/her engagement in a given educational experience.
  • SLOs are defined for all levels of the college. Course or service SLOs should align with the program SLOs identified by each discipline or student services unit as well as align with at least one institutional learning outcome.


The official program outcomes are now listed in the college catalog on pages 61-111.


In higher education, assessment (of student learning) is an ongoing, iterative process consisting of four basic steps:

  1. defining learning outcomes
  2. choosing a method or approach and then using it to gather evidence of learning
  3. analyzing and interpreting the evidence
  4. using this information to improve student learning


The How to Revise or Change a SLO flow chart addresses how to create new outcomes (all levels: CSLOs, PSLOs and ILOs) and revise current outcomes. The process was shared with Student Learning and Student Services Councils and Academic Senate and approved by College Council in June 2014.


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1-805-922-6966 + ext.

Mayra Morales*
SLO Co-Coordinator, Student Services
ext. 3336

Juanita Tuan*
SLO Co-Coordinator, Student Services
ext. 3646

Liz West*
SLO Coordinator, Academic Affairs
ext. 3279

Steven Butler
Senior Research & Planning Analyst
ext. 3824

To contact your departmental liaison, please visit the LOAC member page.

*SLO Coordinators are faculty members appointed to assist instructors in identifying and assessing student learning outcomes.


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