Data Sizzle

Data is the new bacon! 

“Data Sizzle,” the monthly newsletter from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, will include various data such as enrollment, graduation, survey results, and much more.  The newsletter will be posted here each month.

Volume 3:

September 2019  August DS cover    

September 2019
Enrollments of High School Graduates

August 2019

All Staff Day Visioning Exercise


Volume 2:

Data Sizzle May 2019  Data Sizzle April 2019    
May 2019
Student Focus Group follow-up
April 2019
Survey results
Data Sizzle March 2019  Data Sizzle Feb 2019  Data Sizzle Jan 2019 Dec Data Sizzle
March 2019
Annual Planning retreat
Institutional Priorities
February 2019
High School Data
January 2019
Hancock Promise data
December 2018
New Registration report
Factbook highlights
Nov Data Sizzle  Data Sizzle Oct 2018  Data Sizzle Sept 2018

Data Sizzle Aug 2018 


November 2018
AB 705
October 2018
September 2018
Fall Census Update
August 2018
Resource Allocation Model


Volume 1: 

 Data Sizzle July 2018  Data Sizzle April 2018    
July 2018
Enrollment impact of Hancock Promise
April 2018
High School data
Data Sizzle March 2018 Data Sizzle Feb 2018 Data Sizzle Jan 2018 Data Sizzle Dec 2017
March 2018
Multiple Measures
February 2018
Annual planning retreat recap
January 2018
Fall 2017 FTEs, spring enrollment
December 2017
Concurrent enrollment, Feeder 
high school data
Data Sizzle Nov 2017 Data Sizzle Oct 2017 Data Sizzle Sept 2017 Data Sizzle Aug 2017
November 2017
Textbook survey results
October 2017
September 2017
Student Enrollment, Credit enrollment,
program review
August 2017


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