Program Review

The primary purpose of program review is to determine program effectiveness; its processes are designed to recognize good performance and to identify and assist programs needed improvement  Program review also drives the institution’s annual planning and resource allocation processes.

All educational programs, student support services, and administrative departments of Allan Hancock College will be reviewed at least once every six years in accordance with the procedures. Based on findings and recommendations, such reviews may result in expansion or modification of programs, services, or departments, or a recommendation of further review to assess vitality and feasibility. AHC Board Policy 3255

Program Review Status

What’s new with Program Review?

  • A new rubric was developed at Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) and piloted in 2016 to provide direction on completing the comprehensive program review. The rubric will be incorporated into the program review process to better guide faculty with their narratives and will be used to assist the validation team. IEC will also use the rubric to identify themes from cross discipline program reviews to feed training topics and further revisions or clarifications to the program review forms.
  • Academic Senate Program Review Committee revised the annual update form in spring and piloted it with faculty from multiple disciplines and it is moving forward for approval this fall. The new form incorporates student data directly into the form making it easier for faculty to respond. The hope is to include SLO data into the form as well in the future.
  • The comprehensive program review forms, guide, and data are on the agenda for review and revision beginning this fall. The committee is also working to revise the resource allocation process so that one form feeds all the various processes (equipment and faculty/staff prioritization, technology requests, CTEA, etc). In addition, a two-year timeline is being developed to encompass course review, program review, and ongoing training in response to faculty feedback. Our hope is to extend the training for program review throughout the fall semester to provide support throughout the process.

If you would like to be a part of this process, please contact Patrick McGuire, chair of the committee. We need more faculty participation!


Memo from VPAA regarding current program review

Program Review Rubrics:

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