Grant Application/Proposal Writing

Grant Application Process

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Steps to Apply for a Grant

1) Initial Intent: Notify Institutional Grants and your Dean/Director of your interest in developing a grant proposal, and work with IG staff to fill out  a Notice of Intent to Apply (NIA) form. Please see the above brochure for the overall process.  

2) Prepare a Grant Proposal:
A)  In conjunction with IG, write the proposal. Most proposals include the following sections: 

B)  Work closely with the Institutional Grants office to establish a timetable for preparing the proposal narrative, budget and related documents. IG will also work with you to ensure that the proposal meets agency guidelines and that the budget is developed in compliance with district policies and grants administration regulations. 

C) Ensure that all appropriate constituencies are included in the planning process as  outlined in the Grant Application Process brochure. 

3) Application Approval: When the proposal and proposed budget are in their nearly final state, IG will make a presentation at cabinet prior to submission.

4) Submission: IG submits application to funding agency and prepares an information item for the next Board of Trustees meeting.


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