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Watch Video "Invisible Disabilities and Postsecondary Education" (2007)

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Video Captioning

Allan Hancock College is mandated by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act to provide equal access to all educational material, including videos, to students who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing.  This means that all video materials shown in class or online must be closed-caption and more specifically:

  • - All new videos purchased must be closed-captioned.
  • - All videos must be closed-captioned before they are shown whether there is a Deaf or hard-of-hearing person student is present or not.
  • - All videos made available to students through Blackboard or Canvas or any other online environment must be closed-captioned.

  Captioning: Getting Started
  1. Check with the Learning Resource Center (LRC) for a closed-captioned version of your video. Library staff may be able to assist in finding a substitute title.

  2. Free closed-captioned videos are also available through many websites, ie. (Please check the captioning for accuracy before showing the video in class or online.) If a closed-captioned version is not available at the LRC, place a request to purchase a captioned version of your video through your department secretary.

  3.  If a captioned version of your video is not available through any of the above resources, please email your captioning request to Nancy Hernandez at the semester before you need the video. Very short videos can be captioned onsite. Assuming funding is available, longer videos will be sent to an off-campus captioning company. (Note: It takes about 4 hours to caption a 10 minute video onsite.)


We will need to know:

  • - Do you have copy right permission from the publisher to caption video(s)?
  • - What is the format? (VHS, DVD, thumb drive, Youtube – Is it your own clip?)

Resources: On campus captioning

Brian Dill – Academic Resources Technical Specialist (x3848)/ 


    • - Video support for instructors wanting to create educational content.
    • - Review and editing of instructor’s captioned video from out sourced captioning services.


Nancy Hernandez– Alternative Media Specialist for Learning Assistance Program (x3788)/ 


  • - Assistance for very short videos, otherwise, videos will be sent to off-campus captioning company.
  • - Review and editing of video content.
  Video Caption Planning

Captions for Deaf Community

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Audience
Caption Guidelines

Planning for Captions

Caption Vendors

Distance Education Captioning and Transcription grant (DECT) no fee

Please contact Nancy Hernandez,, ext. 3788 or Brian Dill,, ext. 3848, for assistance with this service.

  • The Distance Education Captioning and Transcription grant (DECT) provides CCC with funding for live and synchronous captioning and transcription as a means of enhancing the access of all students to distance education courses.  Further, the DECT promotes and supports awareness of available funding as a means to support faculty efforts to develop high-quality, media-rich distance learning courses. Provided funding is available for CCC.

    Automatic Sync Technologies  (AST) no fee

Please contact Brian Dill or Nancy Hernandez for this service.

  • Provides closed captioning services (provided funding is available for CCC)

    3CMedia   no fee
  • Funded through the California Community Colleges. Faculty and staff can request and receive a 3CMedia Solutions account. (Provided funding is available for CCC)
  • This is an educational media distribution network that enhances learning and student success by providing the most up-to-date tools.

    3Play Media (for Youtube)  no fee

YOUTUBE INTEGRATION: YouTube Captions and Subtitles

3Play Media’s round trip integration with YouTube provides an automated workflow for captions and subtitles.


This is a “how to” video for Youtube captioning from The National Center on Disability and Access to Education

Example Caption

Example Transcript

Blind Community Needs

Audio Description for the Blind

 Caption How-To

Contact Information

Sarah Easton, High Technology Instructor, ext. 3670

Nancy Hernandez, Alternative Media Specialist, ext. 3788


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