DEAF or Hard-of-Hearing

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Communicating with Students who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing
The ability to communicate defines us as human beings and as a society.  It forms a foundation for decision making and relationship building.  Communicating with deaf or hard of hearing individuals in an achievable goal, even when accommodations (e.g., interpreters) are not present.

Sign Language Interpreters: In the Classroom
While visual language interpreters have gained more prominence and visibility in the classroom as a result of the passage of the American with Disabilities Act in 1990, they have been a part of the educational landscape since the early 1970's.  Despite longevity in the classroom, the role and function of the interpreter is often confusing and distracting.

Speech-to-Text Services: An Overview of Real-Time Captioning
"Speech-to-text" is an umbrella term used to describe an accommodation where spoken communication and other auditory information are translated into text in real-time.  


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