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What is Guided Pathways?

Watch the video "Explaining Guided Pathways" below.

Why Guided Pathways?

If you have big questions about the Guided Pathways movement, Rob Johnstone, Ph.D., has bigger answers. In this short video, Johnstone, founder and president of the National Center for Inquiry and Improvement, speaks with the president of the California Community College Student Senate, Courtney Cooper, about the "why" Guided Pathways is not just about student success rates, but about students themselves.

In addition to defining and explaining the four pillars of the national Guided Pathways movement, Johnstone speaks about the role of demographic data and behavioral economics in crafting localized responses to system wide issues, while also addressing the role that Guided Pathways plays in protecting and promoting justice and social equity on a local and national scale.

Guided Pathways Research and Information

Guided Pathways Demystified

  • Exploring Ten Commonly Asked Questions about Implementing Pathways
  • Discussion Guide
  • Addressing Ten NEW Questions as the Movement Gains Momentum

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