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Steering Committee and Design Teams

Roadmaps to Success teams and structure

Steering Committee:

  • Monitor progress on the annual work plan
  • Receive reports and approve recommendations from Design Teams
  • Draft annual reports and work plan document

Leads: Antonio Ramirez & Jenny Schroeder

Team Members: Erica Biely, Ashley Brackett, Bob Curry, Lainey Campos,  Dave Degroot, David Hernandez, Margaret Lau, Larry Manalo,  Patrick McGuire, Paul Murphy, Nohemy Ornelas, Carissa Perales, Trevor Passage, Sofia Ramierz-Gelpi, Yvonne Teniente, Juanita Tuan, Nancy Jo Ward 


Design Teams:


Areas of Interest & Academic Mapping: Research best practices and communicate with faculty and students to determine how to cluster academic majors/disciplines and align them with careers.  Develop four-semester academic maps for degrees and certificates.  Explore software possibilities to integrate with CCCApply.

Lead: Dave Degroot
Team Members: Ashley Brackett, Ben Britten, Jenny Schroeder

Communications, Outreach, and Professional Development: Serve as the clearinghouse for information about the initiative and promote campus awareness about the campaign. Work with college professional development groups to plan and organize events; liaison with/report to other groups and offices on the status of R2S.  Work with the steering committee to help develop the website.

Lead: Ashley Brackett

Team Members: Dave Degroot, Phil Hamer, Christopher McGuinnes, Lauren Milbourne, Carmen Montanez-Rodriguez, Jenny Schroeder, Thomas Lamica, Nancy Ward 

CTE/Noncredit: Explore pathway possibilities in the areas of career-technical education and noncredit, from high school to college, college to career, and community college to university.   

Lead(s): Margaret Lau & Patrick McGuire
Team Members: Vacant

Ensure Learning: Design and promote educational opportunities for faculty and staff centered around instruction and inclusion.

Lead(s): Vacant

Team Members: Antonio Ramirez, Jenny Schroeder

Innovative Delivery and Scheduling: Examine alternate program offerings such as weekend college, night and extended campus programs, cohort programs, and block scheduling. Exploration of scheduling software possibilities.

Lead: Vince Tobin

Team Members: Jenny Schroeder

Student Success:  Explore how to best redesign student services to align with the Areas of Interest that includes implications for modifications to orientation, delivery of career development support and services, increasing comprehensive educational plans, and examining integration with instruction.

Lead(s): Lainey Campos, Carissa Perales, & Larry Manalo

Team Members: Erica Biely, Loren Bradbury, Cynthia Diaz, Emmanuel Guerrero, Elaine Healy, David Hernandez, Susannah Kopecky,  Linda Metaxas, Anajali Misra, Mayra Morales, Trevor Passage, Antonio Ramirez, These Roepke, Dayana Zepeda


Additional Information about teams & functions 

Roles and Responsibilities of Design Teams and Members

Roadmaps to Success Organizational Chart