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Social Media

Social Media Guidelines at Allan Hancock College

Social media is a great way to stay connected and involved with Allan Hancock College and its various programs and groups. Below is a list of AHC organizations and clubs that are eager to share the AHC experience with you.

Campus and Student Life

Allan Hancock College  Facebook   icon-twitter   icon-youtube   Instagram Icon
AHC Agriculture        Instagram Icon
AHC AIM Center  Facebook      
AHC Architecture  Facebook      
AHC ASBG  Facebook      Instagram Icon
AHC Athletics  Facebook       
AHC Bookstore  Facebook       
AHC Campus Graphics  Facebook       Instagram Icon
AHC CAN/TRIO  Facebook      Instagram Icon
AHC Career Center  Facebook      
AHC Community Education   Facebook Icon      Instagram Icon
AHC Culinary Arts        Instagram Icon
AHC Dance  Facebook      
AHC Dental Assisting Program  Facebook      
AHC EOPS  Facebook       
AHC Film Club        Instagram Icon
AHC Gay Student Alliance  Facebook      
AHC Geology  Facebook      
AHC Library  Facebook       
AHC MESA  Facebook      
AHC Multicultural Club        Instagram Icon
AHC Nutrition and Food Science  Facebook      Instagram Icon
AHC Public Safety Training Complex        Instagram Icon
AHC Rodeo        Instagram Icon
AHC STEM Center  Facebook       
AHC Student Health Services  Facebook       Instagram Icon
AHC Tobacco Free Campus  Facebook       
AHC Tutoring Center        Instagram Icon
AHC University Transfer Center  Facebook      Instagram Icon
AHC Veteran Success Center  Facebook      
AHC Winery  Facebook       Instagram Icon
AHC Writing Center  Facebook      Instagram Icon
AHC Young Farmers and Rancers  Facebook      
Alpha Gamma Sigma - Aquarius Chapter  Facebook       
Ann Foxworthy Gallery  Facebook       
College Achievement Now (CAN)   Facebook       
PCPA   Facebook    icon-youtube  Instagram Icon
Small Business Entrepreneurship Center (SBEC) at AHC  Facebook