Graduation Checklist

Steps to petitioning for an associate degree

Students are required to see a counselor in order to petition for a degree.  Degree requirements must be complete or completed by the end of the petitioning semester.  A petition for a degree must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records by the scheduled deadline.  Refer to Important Dates for scheduled deadlines.


  Verify you have completed AHC graduation requirements.

Graduation Checklist
Print the checklist and ensure you have met the requirements listed 1 through 8 as well as completion of 21 units of general education courses.

Programs of Study
This link takes you to the list of majors and the required course work.  Ensure you have completed all the required major coursework.  See a counselor if you have questions regarding your catalog rights.


A. If you have attended other colleges/universities, ensure that all official transcripts are on file with Admissions and Records. All official transcripts must be on file in order to complete a petition to graduate.  Have transcripts mailed to:

Allan Hancock College
ATTN: Admissions & Records
Transcript Evaluator
800 South College Drive
Santa Maria,  CA  93454-6399

B. If you are using courses outside of AHC to fulfill major requirements, you are required to schedule an appointment with a counselor to complete a transcript evaluation.  A course substitution will be completed if a course outside of AHC is equivalent to a major course.  Courses completed outside of AHC will be approved by the appropriate instructional department.  A counseling appointment is required for this process. 


If you are a distance learning student and planning to file a petition to graduate, you will need to fill out an Authorization to Release Information Form, which allows a counselor to correspond with you via phone and/or email.


After steps one and two have been completed, you are ready to petition for a degree.  Students with AHC courses only, are encouraged to see a counselor on a walk-in.  Students with external transcripts are required to schedule an appointment.  To get started, print the appropriate petition for a degree.  Click here for a list of petitions.     

Distance learning students are required to mail an Authorization to Release Information form, a signed Petition for a Degree, and sealed official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended (if not on file with the Office of Admissions and Records) to:

Allan Hancock College
ATTN: Counseling Department
800 South College Drive
Santa Maria, CA  93454

Please check important dates for submission deadlines.

If you have any questions call:
Counseling 805-922-6966 ext 3293



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Robert Mabry
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