Drop-in Tutoring Schedule and  Review Sessions/Organized Study Groups Schedule

Tutoring is a Vitamin not an asprin. Partake in tutoring and studying regularly so that you may excel!

Review sessions and organized study groups are offered through the MESA Program in conjunction with core STEM courses in math, computer science, biology, physics, engineering and chemistry. Sessions and study groups are weekly one to two hour cooperative learning sessions. Designed to enhance student understanding, they feature peer-facilitated group work on problems at or above the level of course instruction. Small-group activities are directed by peer educators called facilitators. MESA offers these sessions and study groups based on research showing that cooperative methods (as opposed to an individual, competitive approach to learning) promote higher grades, greater persistence, deeper comprehension, more enjoyment in learning, and more positive attitudes toward academic work. 

Free tutoring is also available through the MESA/STEM Centers.  MESA/STEM tutors are students who have successfully completed the course (or in some situations are currently enrolled) in which they are tutoring.  It is particularly important for students who are struggling to get help from others in academic setting to seek out the help of a tutor as soon as possible so that they can excel. A classroom setting is typically not enough for students to learn all of the material that they need to know in order to pass a test or advance to higher classes. Academic tutoring from students at a higher grade level or experience in an academic setting can help to encourage and strengthen a student so that they do not fall behind.

Summer Tutor Schedule by Subject  PDF

Summer Tutor Schedule by Tutor PDF  



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Jesus Vivar

Jesus Vivar
Computer Science Student

The first engineering class I took at Allan Hancock College was really challenging for me, but I thanked the counselor who showed me the way to the MESA program. There I was overwhelmed by all the resources offered and especially by all the students taking the same classes. Study groups with MESA students really made it easier for me to achieve. I am happy to say that I made it this far not only because of my determination to achieve a higher education, but also because of the wonderful people that I met at Hancock who encourage students to go the extra mile and accomplish their dreams.
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