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List of Clubs

AHC Cheer Squad
Agriculture Club
Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) Aquarius Chapter 
American Institute of Architecture Students 
Anime and Manga Club
Asian Pacific International Club 
Associated Degree of Nursing Programs (ADNP) 
Auto Technology Car Club
Be the Match
Bulldog Rec-ing club 
CAN Club (College Achievement Now)
Chess Club 
Dental Assistants of the Future 
Drama Club
Dream Club 
Film and Video Club
Gay Straight Alliance
International Club
Latter Day Saint Student Assoc. LDSSA
Lions Club of AHC
Mujeres in Power
Music Club
Nutrition and Wellness Club
Oilers Running Club
Revelation on Campus (ROC)
SACNAS (Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native American Students in Science)
Science and Engineering Club
Student Veterans of America
Sun Lotus Group
Video Gaming United
Viticulture and Enology Club














AHC Cheer Squad: is dedicated to promoting school spirit, good sportsmanship, and Bulldog pride at the campus and throughout the community. They perform at AHC athletic events and student body activities.

Cheer Advisor: Gerry Starowicz - star5506@comcast.net

Agriculture Club: to promote education in agriculture through hands on experiences and activities.

Staff Advisor:  Guillermo Guerra - gguerra@hancockcollege.edu
Co Advisor: Alfredo Koch - akoch@hancockcollege.edu
President: Jose Sandoval - genoslandscaping@gmail.com 

Alpha Gamma Sigma (A.G.S.) Aquarius Chapter: is an honorary statewide community college organization whose goal is to foster, maintain, promote, and recognize scholastic achievement and service by students at the local college level.  Membership is available for those who qualify scholastically by application. Click here for the current application PDF. Email us at agsaquarius@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/agsaquarius

Staff Co-Advisor: Kathy Headtke – kheadtke@hancockcollege.edu
Staff Co-Advisor: Mary Alice Majoue – mmajoue@hancockcollege.edu
Lompoc  President: Yasmin  Cervantes-Barragan - cervantesb.yasmin@gmail.com      
Santa Maria President: Shane Hunter - shane.hunter1@my.hancockcollege.edu        

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS): to promote excellence in architectural education, training, and practice; to foster and appreciation of architecture and related disciplines; to enrich communities in a spirit of collaboration; and to organize students and combine their efforts to advance the art and science of architecture.

Staff Advisor: Jonas Sturas - jsturas@hancockcollege.edu
President: Daniel Pena-Sosa - dpena2619@gmail.com

Anime and Manga Club:  to promote the knowledge and appreciation of Japanese animation (anime) and of Japanese cartoon publication (manga) through discussion of anime and manga related topics.

Staff Advisor: Dyanna Cridelich - dcridelich@hancockcollege.edu
Co-President: Isabella Garcia - bellalagarcia@yahoo.com
Co -President: McKenzie Sharer - rahze8@gmail.com 

Asian Pacific International Club (APIC): is to promote unity through diversity by increasing awareness and appreciation of the cultures of Asian and Pacific Islander countries and the international community.

Staff Advisor: Eui Chung – echung@hancockcollege.edu
President: Luis "Domo" Gaytan  - luis.gaytan@my.hancockcollege.edu
Asian Pacific Int'l Club email: apic.santamaria@gmail.com

Associated Degree of Nursing Programs (ADNP): is established to promote and support students pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, and provide positive reinforcement among their peers and students while being an advocate for nursing education.

Staff Advisor: Daphne Boatright – dboatright@hancockcollege.edu
President: Vanessa Rodriguez - vanmont143@yahoo.com

Auto Technology Car Club: is to foster student integration, cooperation, and team building skills associated with car club activities.  Activities include: fund raising, ASBG participation, and annual car show planning.

Staff Advisor: Eric Mason – emason@hancockcollege.edu
President: Chris Candelaria - cdc1210@live.com

Be The Match on Campus: Engage students in the Be The Match mission to save lives by:  1) Providing meaningful, unique opportunities for students to learn about blood cancers and other life-threatening diseases; 2) Increasing awareness of the need for more young registry members who can save a life; 3) Holding campus-wide marrow donor registry drives to give the entire student body the opportunity to join in this global effort; 4) Building a sustainable chapter that becomes part of every class's legacy.

Staff Advisor: Emily Smith - esmith@hancockcollege.edu
President: Jennifer Harper - jennifer.harper1@my.hancockcollege.edu

Bulldog Rec-ing:  to collect funds in order to raise money for a scholarship that would be awarded to a Recreation Management major transferring to a university.

Staff Advisor:  Jennie Robertson - jrobertson@hancockcollege.edu
President: Katlyn Clarke -  roxy060311992@yahoo.com

CAN Club (College Achievement Now): to provide an environment for diverse individuals where learning, academic progress, motivation, and academic skills are a main focus.

Staff Advisor: Petra Gomez - petra.gomez@hancockcollege.edu
President: David Melendrez - davecp311@gmail.com

Chess Club: to learn the fundamentals of chess, and in the process socialize with Allan Hancock College peers. To allow students to think ahead and prepare for their future.

Staff Advisor: Michael Wagner – mwagner@hancockcollege.edu
Co- Advisor: Dominic Dal Bello - ddalbello@hancockcollege.edu
President: Samuel Solis  - samuel.solis@my.hancockcollege.edu

Dental Assistants of the Future: to help underprivileged children with dental needs. 

Staff Advisor:  Joan Garcia - joan.garcia2@hancockcollege.edu
President: Carla Ramos - carla.ramos@my.hancockcollege.edu 

Drama Club:

         Staff Advisor: Michael Dempsey - mdempsey@hancockcollege.edu 
         President: Irene Platt - ladyplattypus@gmail.com

Dream Club: mission is to promote the available resources at Allan Hancock College and also provide financial help to those who do not receive any from the college because of their migrant status.

Staff Advisor: Mayra Morales – mmorales@hancockcollege.edu
Yvonne Teniente Cuello - yteniente@hancockcollege.edu
President: Gilbert Rodriguez - gilone92@live.com
Dream Club Email Address - dreamclub@live.com 

Film and Video Club: to enhance the educational experience in media by balancing networking and hands on experience, and building a positive affirmation of talent. 

Staff Advisor:  Chris Hite - chite@hancockcollege.edu
Co-Advisor: Tim Webb - twebb@hancockcollege.edu
President: Andrew Adams -  amadams901@gmail.com

Gay Straight Alliance: to enlighten the central coast and the Allan Hancock College campus about the increasing gay community.  To educate the central coast population that equality and people’s sexuality preference is a part of our human rights, this includes bringing positivity, specifically to the Allan Hancock College campus, and to save the world.

Staff Advisor: Kate Adams – kadams@hancockcollege.edu
President: Rebekah Castillo - performanceisart@yahoo.com  

International Club: to inform and educate students of the human world by having them discuss international affairs, politics, culture, language, and other such global topics as well as to provide fundraising for study abroad programs and international trips.

Staff Advisor:  Jessica Scarffe - jscarffe@hancockcollege.edu

Intervarsity: is to establish and advance a witnessing community of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord; growing in love for God, God’s word, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture, and God’s purpose in the world.

Staff Advisor: Holly Costello – hollycostello@hancockcollege.edu
President:  Danielle Duval - danielle1cor13@gmail.com

Latter Day Saints Student Association LDSSA: to promote spiritual well-being, foster and strengthen friendships, and uphold Church standards by sponsoring activities and events for the LDS undergraduates at AHC. 

Staff Advisor: Lisa Griffith - lgriffith@hancockcollege.edu
President: Leanne Lott - lott_leann@yahoo.com

Lion's Club of AHC: to create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world.  To take an active interest in civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community.  To encourage service-minded people to serve their community without personal financial reward, and to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards in commerce, industry, professions, public works and private endeavors.

Staff Advisor: Lori Doty - ldoty@hancockcollege.edu
Co-Advisor: Beverly Garcia - bgarcia@hancockcollege.edu
President: Monica Doss - monicadoss94@gmail.com

Mujeres in Power: to engage women in learning, self-awareness skills focusing on self-esteem.  Will work on strength, leadership skills, and foster the development of well-rounded college students; into a positive woman that will increase their awareness of life.

Staff Advisor: Diana Perez - dperez@hancockcollege.edu
President: Rosa E. Hernandez - erika52593@gmail.com 

 Music Club: to gather people who love music

Staff Advisor: Brad Bisquera - bbisquera@hancockcollege.edu
President: Jeanne Mendoua - ines.mendoua23@gamil.com  

Nutrition and Wellness Club: is a group of individuals who have an interest in learning about topics related to healthy living.   Through student, staff and faculty collaboration we hope to become the voice for wellness and nutrition in the Allan Hancock College community.  We will strive to promote information and plan fun, creative experiences that promote health and wellness on campus and individual lives.

Staff Advisor: Brooke Hyman - bhyman@hancockcollege.edu
President: Christine Gregory - goodnutritionisourmission@gmail.com

Oilers Running Club: to promote health and fitness through running and by facilitating fitness events on and off campus.

          Staff Advisor: Petra Gomez - petra.gomez@hancockcollege.edu 
          President: Gilberto Rodriguez - gilone92@live.com

Revelation on Campus ROC: to create a loving and encouraging environment for students to come and learn about who God is, what He has for their lives, and the relationship they can establish with Him. Reassuring them that they are loved, important and have a greater purpose for their lives despite their circumstances.

Staff Advisor: Kellie Claverie - kclaverie@hancockcollege.edu
President: Emily Garcia - Emily.garcia2@my.hancockcollege.edu

SACNAS (Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native American Students in Science): is a club established to improve and enhance the public understanding and appreciation for Chicanos, Latinos, Native American, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian and other underrepresented minorities in science.  The club’s efforts will also involve recruiting and retaining such students, as well as providing a forum for students from different science and related majors to come together for academic, community service, and social activities.

Staff Advisor: Irene Wong – iwong@hancockollege.edu
Co-advisor: Karen Tate – ktate@hancockcollege.edu
President: Octavio Mendoza - octavio.mendoza@my.hancockcolleg.edu

Science and Engineering Club: to connect with industry professionals to expand student education and to promote camaraderie and communication within the Science and Engineering departments by organizing lectures, peer advising, fundraisers, ASBG event participation, and field trips.

         Staff Advisor: Ashley Brackett - abrackett@hancockcollege.edu
         President: Cody Cowin - cody.cowin@gmail.com

SkillsUSA: to unite fulltime students enrolled in programs with vocational trade, Industrial, technology, and health occupations education and to emphasize the importance of continued education consistent to the needs of the individual and the requirements of the chosen programs.

         Staff Advisor: Daniel Howard - daniel.howard@hancockcollege.edu
         President: Kathirya Hefferan - kestela87@gmail.com

Student Veterans of America: to support all veterans in the pursuit of their education and acclimating to college life.  To support and provide a social atmosphere that veterans are comfortable and familiar with.  To act as an advocate for the student veterans to the college and the community.

Staff Advisor:  Henry Davis - hdavis@hancockcollege.edu
Co-President: Jose Alvarez - jose.alvarez12@my.hancockcollege.edu 
Co-President: Nick Presher - nicholas.presher@my.hancockcollege.edu   

Sun Lotus Group: to help students unlock their hidden potential and achieve creative harmony with their environment through the philosophy and practice of Nichiren Buddhism in the SGI-USA.

Staff Advisor: Abby Hogan - ahogan@hancockcollege.edu
President:  Cecelia Harmon - sprngdragon@gmail.com

Tastemakers: is to push the student body to learn about the Culinary Arts and to gain a higher interest in the Culinology and Culinary Arts courses.

Staff Advisor: Robert Weir – rweir@hancockcollege.edu
President: Tim McNiff - timothy.mcniff@my.hancockcollege.edu

Video Gamers United: to promote sportsmanship, embolden our fellow gamers, connect with the community, stimulate sodality, support friendly competitiveness, further the positive image of video gaming in a constructive setting, and defend the integrity and structure of video games and video gaming alike. 

        Staff Advisor: Brian Stokes -  bstokes@hancockcollege.edu 
        President: Steven De La Pena - delapenasteven@gmail.com

Viticulture and Enology Club: is established to provide an opening for those on campus who desire to learn about grapes and wine production and appreciation.  The club gives members the opportunity to network with students and community providing education of the industry from growing season, to harvest and the winemaking process.

Staff Advisor: Alfredo Koch – akoch@hancockcollege.edu
President:  Rachel Hubbard - rachjhubb@yahoo.com

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