Certificate Options

The Allan Hancock College Nursing Program offers certificates of achievement in the following:

Vocational Nursing

47 units constitutes the certificate.  Required core courses (47 units):

NURS 310 Pharmacology 3 units
NURS 311 Medication Administration 1.5 units
NURS 317 Fundamentals of Nursing 3.5 units
NURS 318 Clinical Lab 1 8 units
NURS 320 Gerontology 2 units
NURS 322 Maternal and Infant Health 2 units
NURS 323 Respiratory System 2 units
NURS 327 Gastrointestinal and Urinary Systems 2.5 units
NURS 329 Endocrine and Reproductive Systems 2.5 units
NURS 335 Integumentary and Musculoskeletal Systems 2.5 units
NURS 328 Clinical Lab 2 3 units
NURS 330 Pediatrics 1.5 units
NURS 331 Circulatory System 2 units
NURS 332 Neurosensory System 2 units
NURS 337 Aspects of Professional Relations 1 units
NURS 338 Clinical Lab 3 8 units

Certified Nursing Assistant

Download Brochure  16 units constitute the certificate.

NURS 300  Certified Nursing Assistant 16 units
Waitlisted students will be contacted by admission and records by the email supplied on the CNA application. You will have 24 hours to add and pay for the class. If you are added to the class after the deadline, you will have 1 week to complete the items listed in the packet

Certified Home Health Aide

Download Brochure  2 units constitute the certificate.

NURS 416 Certified Home Health Aide 2 units

Restorative Aide  

Download Brochure 1.5 units constitute the certificate.

NURS 420 Restorative Aide 1.5 units

EKG/ Monitor Observer

Download Brochure 1.5 units constitute the certificate.

NURS 422 EKG/Monitor Observer 1.5 units

"30 Unit" Option

Download Brochure  A major of 30 units is required for the certificate. In addition, a LVN to RN transition course may be required. Completion of this certificate qualifies the student to take the RN licensing examination.

BIOL 125 Physiology 4 units
BIOL 128 Microbiology 5 units
NURS 103 RN Practicum 1 5 units
NURS 104 Medical Surgical Nursing 1 3 units
NURS 106 Leadership and Management 2 units
NURS 108 RN Practicum 2 5 units
NURS 109 Medical Surgical Nursing 2 2.5 units
NURS 110 Mental Health Nursing 2.5 units
NURS 111 Intermediate RN Skills .5 units
NURS 112 Advanced RN Skills .5 units

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Christine Rincon
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