Meet the AHC Student Ambassadors

Erick Arciga

Photo of ErickErick is a non-traditional student majoring in Agricultural Science. He hopes to earn his AS degree and transfer to a four year university. Erick worked in the agricultural fields for several years alongside his parents who he says are his inspiration for wanting to continue on with higher education even when as a LAP student, it has been difficult. As a student ambassador, Erick is primarily assigned in the non-credit counseling department. Erick enjoys interacting with community members who are doing their best to navigate the community college system. He is proud to be able to assist them on their journey in providing a better life for their families by enrolling in English as a Second Language classes.

Erick is an artistic person who also enjoys drawing, photography, and dancing when he is not too busy with classes or work. He is an accomplished Ballet Folklorico dancer and has performed as part of Allan Hancock College’s Dimensions, Dance Spectrum, and the May Show several times. If you catch him around campus don’t be afraid to hello.

Jennifer H. Bombardier

Photo of JenniferJennifer is a Sociology major who has a passion for helping others reach their potential. She is a member of the American Association of University Women and the Aquarius Chapter of Alpha Gamma Sigma. Jennifer is a California native with an affinity for the outdoors and when she sets aside the books, she can be found surfing or hiking locally.

In 2013, she relocated to Santa Maria to care for family and train for a new career. Jennifer recalls, “After registering at Allan Hancock College, doors began opening for me, I developed a network, and began achieving amazing things. I am a product of ‘Start Here, Go Anywhere’. The student ambassador position was just the opportunity I was looking for to give back to my school, my fellow students, and ultimately our community”.

Michele Burns

Photo of MichelleMichele is a full time student at Allan Hancock College where she is majoring in Fashion Studies/Business. She currently serves on the Associated Student Body Government Board of Directors as the Director of Student Outreach. She has completed her Fashion Studies certificate and is currently working on her Associate Degree. She plans to transfer to a Fashion Design School after completing her AS Degree. Michele enjoys spending time with her husband and their three children. In her free time she likes sewing, arts and crafts, singing, and going fishing. Michele also volunteers in the community with various organizations and events to “give back” to her community.  


Janet Cruz-Reyes


Born and raised in Santa Maria, Ca., Janet is a first generation college student who graduated from Santa Maria High School. She is a very friendly and social person who loves to give back to her community. In addition, she has a big passion for politics/U.S history, sports, and traveling. 

Her major is Political Science, she plans to attain her AA Degree and transfer to Harvard University to pursue a Ph.D. Janet serves on the Allan Hancock College Associated Student Body Government as the Executive Secretary. She is part of the CAN (College Achievement Now) Club and looks forward to being part of the Alpha Gamma Sigma Club as well. She is also involved with athletics, Janet played for the AHC Women’s soccer team. She has achieved many accomplishments such as the following: breaking the wall/barrier for female athletes to play football at the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District to receiving many awards from the Santa Maria Mayor, California State Legislators, State Assembly, U.S Congress, U.S Senate, and had the chance to volunteer for the Bernie Sanders Rally that took place in Santa Maria, Ca.

Melanie Garcia

Photo of MelanieMelanie is an Allan Hancock Student studying for her associates in Administration of Justice. She's excited to see her fellow classmates from all ages ranging from sixteen-years-old to some who like to keep their age a mystery. She fully supports those who want to come continue their education at Allan Hancock College no matter the age of the student. She loves the instructors at Allan Hancock College because they're supportive and they keep reminding students to come see them if they're having difficulty in class. Aside from being student, she's happy to be part of the college as a Student Ambassador to help others who share a common goal to continue their education. She also volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club as a tutor in her past attended elementary school to help young children who struggle in their class. On her free time she likes to watch Netflix, spend time with family and eat sushi with spicy mayo. 

Fernheil Legaspi


Fernhiel is majoring in Computer Science with plans of transferring to a four-year university. He is excited to use his degree to work on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Fernhiel is the eldest child of two immigrant parents and is a first gen college student.  As a Student Ambassador, Fernhiel is committed to assisting students achieve their goals. He is also serving as Vice President of Asian Pacific International Club 2016-2017 at the Santa Maria campus. Other than being a student, Fernhiel enjoys his time traveling, hiking, and working on computers.



Gary Panther







Diego Onofre

Elizabeth Pompa

Photo of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Pompa is a Photography Major. Her passion in life is to help people succeed and know their true potential. She is currently serving on the Associated Student Body Government Board of Directors as the Executive Director and loves being involved on campus! Her future goals include joining the Navy as a Mass Communication Specialist. After she graduates she will be the first of her family to graduate and the first to join the Navy.

She is extremely excited to be part of the amazing team and if there is one thing she’d like to say to any student starting out their journey here at Allan Hancock College it would be: “When you set a date on your dream it becomes reality, and if by that date it hasn’t been realized it doesn’t mean it’s not for you. It just means you got to change the date. Keep pursuing your dreams, only then will you find out what you’re truly made of!”

Nancy Ramirez

Photo of Nancy

Nancy Ramirez is a fulltime student at Hancock. She is a nursing major for transfer. She plans to graduate in spring of 2018 with her Associates in Math and Science and another in Behavioral and Mental Processes. Her future plan is to continue her education after AHC and transfer to a CSU and apply to a Nursing program to earn her BSN.

After more than a decade working in the healthcare industry and after the birth of her fourth child in 2014, she began her academic journey first as a part-time student and now full time, with a current GPA of a 3.5. As a seasoned and returning student Nancy encountered many challenges as a student. By reaching out to her professors and getting involved in student services she built confidence and found great success in academia. She is eager to help others along the way, especially returning students no matter what their age or limitation they might have. When she isn’t studying with homework, she enjoys cooking, singing, and spending time with her family.

Brian Santa Maria



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