Graduates Price List

Group of Hancock Graduates

  • Cap and gown with black tassel (all sizes)- $36.00 plus tax
  • Cap and gown with gold tassel (all sizes)-$36.00 plus tax
  • Cap and XL/XXL gown with black tassel- $36.00 plus tax
  • Cap and XL/XXL gown with gold tassel- $36.00  plus tax
  • Regular Gown (all Sizes)- $24.00  plus tax
  • Cap- $6.25 plus tax
  • Black Tassel only- $5.70  plus tax
  • Gold Tassel only*/**- $5.70  plus tax
  • University transfer achievement gold medallion- $7.50 plus tax
  • AHC royal blue diploma cover 5”x7” - $7.85 plus tax
  • AHC royal blue and gold graduation sash without year - $30.00 plus tax
  • Graduation announcement (10 pack) - $24.00 plus tax
  • Graduation announcement (individual) - $2.40  plus tax
  • Date/time/place cards for announcements - $0.15 plus tax

*/** Only qualified students whose names are on the honor list may purchase a gold tassel as indicated by either a single or double asterisks (single indicates 3.5-3.99, double indicates high honors of 4.0 or higher). 

Students who are transferring can purchase a gold medallion (optional, no proof necessary).

 The Admissions and Records office will provide the bookstore with the list of names of students who have a G.P.A. of 3.5 or above (for all work completed from all colleges previously attended) and are entitled to gold tassels. 

For more Commencement Ceremony information please call 1-805-922-6966 x3248.

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Last Modified Mar 7, 2019