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Priority Registration

Please see the Academic Calendar or the Online Class Search to see important registration dates.

If you are a new or returning AHC student, once you complete the application for admission, you will receive 2 emails.  When you receive the email from AHC, (sent to the address provided in your application) it will include your AHC myHancock log-in information.  Please wait approximately 4 hours after receiving this email to log in to the myHancock portal.

All other students log into the myHancock portal with their current username and password.

First Time/New Students/First Year AHC Promise Students and First Time Transfer Students must complete an orientation, have English/Math Placement* and create a 1st semester plan with a counselor to be eligible for priority registration. 

Returning and Continuing Students must have English and Math placement, have completed orientation and have a 1st semester plan on file to be eligible for priority registration.

If you met the prerequisite(s) at another college, official transcripts must be submitted to the Allan Hancock College Admissions Office prior to registering for classes

If you have trouble registering online please call the Admissions & Records office during normal business hours for assistance.

1-805-995-4189 ext 3248

*First Time Student placement is based upon information provided when applying to the college.  First time Transfer Students who completed Math and English at another college or university, must provide official transcripts to the Admissions office verifying successful completion of these courses.

You will be able to view your priority date beginning April 12 by clicking on My Registration Date in the myHancock portal.

To see your first date to register, log into myHancock

  • click on My Registration Date 
  • select the correct semester
  • click submit
  • view your registration date and time

Priority registration is the first five days of registration of each term.  


Summer and Fall Registration Dates

Foster Youth                                          April 26
Homeless Youth April 26
EOPS April 26
LAP April 26
Active Duty & Eligible Veterans (separated within 15 years) April 26
CalWORKs April 26
Tribal TANF Recipients April 26
CAN/TRIO April 27
Pre-Approved Nursing Students April 27
PUENTE April 27
LAP Note takers April 27
MESA April 27
50-100 Completed Units April 27
Athletes April 27
30 - 49.5 Completed Units April 28
New Students and First Year AHC Promise Students April 28
12 - 29.5 Completed Units April 29
First Time Transfer Students (see information below) April 29
 .5 - 11.5 Completed Units April 30
100.5+ Completed Units May 1
All Other Eligible Students May 1
Community Ed Students May 1
College Now! Students May 10


Why did I lose my priority My Registration Date?

Continuing students may lose their priority My Registration Date if they are placed on academic or progress probation for two consecutive terms or they have completed more than 100 units at Allan Hancock College. The 100 unit limit does not include units earned in English as Second Language (ESL) or basic skills courses (500- level coursework).

Students who meet established criteria may be eligible to appeal for priority registration. 

Appeal for Loss of Priority Enrollment and or CCPG fee waiver form