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Diplomas and Certificates

Photo of AHC Graduates 

Receiving your printed diploma or certificate

Although Hancock staff will continue to process your credential and post to your student records, the college has now partnered with Parchment to print and mail physical diplomas and certificates to students.

In addition to the printed diploma and certificate, you will be able to obtain a digital diploma or certificate.

Diplomas and Certificates are automatically processed, mailed, and digitally available within three months of the end of the semester in which you earned your credential.

Verifying your information

Diplomas and Certificates utilize the name the college has on your official student records. If your name has changed, and you would like a different name to appear on your diploma and/or certificate, please provide legal documentation to the Admissions and Records office when applying for your degree or before your diploma is issued.

Diplomas and Certificates are mailed to the address on file. Please verify your correct address is on file, including full street names, apartment or space numbers, and the correct city and zip code, via the myHancock portal.

Grade point average (GPA)

Your GPA for graduation is cumulative. If all of your college work is at AHC alone, your GPA is calculated with all of your Hancock credit course grades. If you attended other colleges or universities, your graduation GPA is cumulative of all course work at AHC and all other colleges. The GPA on your Hancock transcript will only reflect coursework completed at Hancock.

To be considered for an honors annotation on your transcript and diploma, you must have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 to 3.99.  If you have a cumulative GPA of 4.0 you will receive a high honors annotation on your transcript and diploma.

Ready to Graduate?

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