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Chad Conrad

Jorge Coronel

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Peer Coach Highlight

Emma Bell

WEmmahat is your role at CAN/TRIO? 
My role at CAN-TRIO is to be supportive of our students and to help them academically, as well as personally. I help students by listening, showing compassion, and by motivating students regardless of their struggles. I also tutor CAN students in English and other subjects. I help students write essays, construct personal statements, create resumes, apply to scholarships, and manage their time efficiently.

Please share one of your best CAN/TRIO experiences.
I have had many positive experiences with our students which have also had a positive impact on me. One case in particular, was during last year’s application period for the Allan Hancock College Foundation scholarship. I was working with a student who had already decided they didn’t want to apply to the scholarship because they were convinced they would not receive an award, and they were scared to ask for letters of recommendation. After some time, I was able to convince the student to apply to the scholarship with my help, and a letter of recommendation from me. The student ended up receiving a scholarship, and we both felt really accomplished afterwards.

Finish the sentence. “If I could do one thing to make students’ lives better, I would…”
If I could do one thing to make students’ lives better, I would… create positive experiences and memories with them.

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